Q&A: Narcissism at Its Finest

I’ve been blogging for a while now, and well, I’ve run out of things to yap about this week.

So I thought I’d try something other bloggers have been doing: offering up the opportunity for their readers to ask questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

As my dad teases, I’m “Copernicus,” in that I like to think the world revolves around me. And what better way to prove it than a Q&A!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

So … Is there anything you’d like to know about me? It doesn’t have to be DE-related, but it most certainly can. I’ll use your questions for tomorrow or Monday’sย post. Go ahead and leave ’em in the comments section or e-mail me.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


6 thoughts on “Q&A: Narcissism at Its Finest

  1. I love Q&As!

    When you are at a point where you are thinking about c/s, what is it that you do or tell yourself to escape falling into the trap?

    If you could be known for having done ONE thing well in your life (although there will be many!), what would it be?

  2. Favorite books? How did you get into your profession? Do you have brothers and sisters? With weight stuff, are you looking forward to or dreading pregnancy?

    Also, I just read Monica Seles’ book – it was GREAT! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. My 2nd grade teacher said to mom, “she needs to stop asking so many questions…” I am too curious! What I would like to question is: how do you learn how to rest? (and if you could post up a link soon to my Allow Yourself Challenge, that would be great). What do you need to give yourself permission for?

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