On Top of the World, Repost

On top of the world" at the highest peak of Huyana Picchu
My favorite pic. I call this 'on top of the world.' Atop the highest peak of Huyana Picchu.

I decided to repost one of my most favorite blog entries at WeAretheRealDeal.com today.

I had originally posted it here last summer, but since my readership has changed/grown, I thought it’d be a good one to re-post and share for two reasons.

One, it’s body-image related and two, most people probably hadn’t read it when I originally posted it. Plus, hey, it’s my fave 🙂

It is called “On Top of the World,” and it’s about my life-changing experience climbing Huayana Picchu (the peak opposite Machu Picchu) when I was in Peru in 1999. 

I hope you like it.


2 thoughts on “On Top of the World, Repost

  1. fantastic, inspirational, HAPPY photo Lissa!

    captures a feeling we’d all like to keep with us inside, to remember and draw upon whenever we need it!


  2. Thanks, Matt. It is a happy photo, my fave. It gave my parents a panic attack when they developed the film for me (I’d sent it home while still abroad!) but it was so worth it. I need to go back!

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