A Nice Distraction

Walking%20shoesRecently, a  lunch-time walking group was formed at work.

Lunch-time was always my toughest time of the day for me back when I was chewing/spitting.

Unless I have lunch plans with friends or my hubby, I bring my lunch, so there’s no real reason for me to leave the office, unless I’m running errands.

So I’d find solitude in my car, drive to Target or wherever on legitimate errands (we needed dishwasher detergent, I needed to pick up milk, etc.), and then embrace the alone time to … well, chew and spit in secret.

I know it sounds terrible, but it’s true.

Now that I’m not chewing/spitting, lunch-time was still the time I’d sometimes buy triggers, take a taste and chuck it … or eat something just out of habit.

So since I’m aware 12-1 p.m. is my “tough time” of the day, I more than welcomed the notion of a walking group.

I think this walking group is going to be much more than a distraction — it might even serve as a lifeline for me this summer.

How so? you ask.

Well, first off, it’s social.

While I have a few amazing friends at work (who are also walking), I don’t have a ton of friends there because my job is totally solitary (I’m not part of any teams and I only work on one account). So in addition to bonding time with the girls I already love, it also encourages me to mingle with other people I might not otherwise chat with, helping me become more confident here at work.

Second, it’s a mid-day break from the grind. I love my job, but there’s something nice about just upping and leaving mid-way through the day, coming back refreshed … and not feeling guilty for anything! (If I’m with others, I’m not buying or eating stuff I don’t need to be eating).

Third, I’m not spending money (on things I need or don’t need).

(When I lived in DC, I’d often shop on my lunch breaks. The year I interned at U.S. News was the worst — it was in Georgetown … and let’s just say my wallet was a revolving door.)

I don’t have many shopping options downtown here, so sometimes I’d go to Walgreen’s just to go or walk to one of the cafes downtown, and I’d spend money I didn’t need to be spending — not to mention the money I’d waste on food I wouldn’t actually eat and/or enjoy.

And fourth, it’s exercise in a format I’m not used to. I mean, I love to walk and do it often, but I’ve never been big on considering walking a workout … to me, I’ve always needed to be dripping in sweat to consider it one. But that’s soooo not true, and so this group workout has been a nice change of pace for me the three times I’ve done it so far.

Most of us probably won’t be able to make it all five days during the week due to schedules, meetings, work loads, other plans … but I’m going to make a concerted effort to choose this over being alone.

I think this might be just the ticket to help allay some of my dissatisfied-with-everything feelings, at least during the day.

When I come back refreshed with a clear head … I’m ready to eat my packed lunch and move on with my day; not dwell over having bought something I didn’t need.

Though this isn’t ED-related, it’s another example of choosing pride over guilt … and I look forward to many more walking sessions going forward (pardon the pun).

How about you? What time of day is the hardest for you? What about when it comes to binging? Do you participate in an employee wellness or fitness group?


12 thoughts on “A Nice Distraction

  1. This is a great idea and I’m so glad it has helped you. My toughtes time of the day for binges is the afternoon, after lunch but before the workday is over. I am trying to find alternative coping mechanisms (to what I think is just boredom) like yours. I’ve switched around my workout scheudle to try to be at the gym during this time, then I can come home and eat dinner. It is helping!

  2. What a great idea! I used to walk with co-workers in the a.m. and p.m. (1 mile each time), but unfortunately I’m at a different office without those friends now. I’ve thought about taking it up again just myself – I just crave fresh air and it helps to break up the day.

    My hardest time of day is definitely the evening. I have no problem during the day, I guess because I’m so self-conscious and if I were to binge at work, I’d get tons of crazy looks! But if I’m having a night where I feel lonely or bored, that’s when binges are more likely to come. I really try to schedule something almost every night, which definitely helps. Kind of tiring, but worth it. 🙂

  3. Lunch and after lunch are tough for me. I find I am dying for some junk food at that time. I think it`s because I am not happy with my job right now. I`ve been trying to make lunch plans with friends and get out for walks without my purse. Sometimes I`m more succesful than others. The walking group is a great idea. I would love that at my work, unfortunately it has rained almost every single day this summer here so it would have been tough to walk in the rain. Maybe in August I can go for more walks at lunch time.I think that that point I do need a serious break from work. I start at 8am. Im tired, I`m stressed, I`m not in the mood to start any projects since I don`t want to do any of them. It`s a vulnerable time for me. Evenings are hard for me as well since I feel like I `should be doing something` rather than just taking my much needed break.

  4. That is a great idea. I wish my office could do this but people are all on different schedules. I do make it a habit to get out and walk by myself at lunchtime, even if just for 20 minutes. I find it really refreshes me. Walking is great exercise. Sure it doesn’t burn the same cals as running or biking but any activity (NEAT) helps burn calories and is just so good for the body, especially those of us who sit at a desk 8 hrs a day.

    My danger time is after work before dinner. I usually workout during this time but on my rest days I have to really occupy myself. Also, the afternoon at work can be danger time, the 4 PM “slump”. I do make sure to have good snacks available.

  5. Evenings are hardest here, because it is so much easier to talk myself into things since it’s the end of the day and I’m hungrier and if I’ve been good that day, I can talk myself into “I deserve it.”

  6. Good for you as seeing this as a great opportunity. It will be good to get in some relaxed exercise.

    I am totally with you that working out usually equals sweating for me. But I’ve learned that a bike ride with Hunni can be just as satisfying some days.

    For me the toughest time of the day is after work but before dinner. I would be cooking dinner and eating out of the cabinets. When dinner would come I would be kind of full but still eat because I had worked hard to cook it. Now I set out a snack for me to eat after work and try to only eat some veggies while I’m cooking if truly hungry.

  7. Sounds like we can all identify our trouble-times. My other trouble-time is right before bed, if I’ve worked out at night. I always feel like I “should” have something!

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