New Body Image Activist Blog Goes Live

watrd-buttonYou might recall a few months back that I was going to be part of a group of amazing bloggers who were planning to do a session at the 2009 BlogHer conference on body image titled, “Blogs & Body Image: What Are We Teaching Our Kids?”

The group was selected (yea!!) and even got sponsorship by Dove … but because I registered too late this spring, I can’t participate. 😦

That said, I still want to promote the hell out of this session (to be held this Friday in Chicago) because I know it’s going to be incredible, and I am so proud of these girls for getting out there and truly making a difference.

In this post, MamaVision talked a little about the panelists and the group’s mission.

Take a peek at our new body image activist blog, We Are the Real Deal. You can check out our mission here. 

I will be joining the others posting here after BlogHer (they’re all on the schedule and since I’m not, my content/info will go live next week).

Please add us to your blogroll!!

If you want the button to add to your own blog, here is the HTML code:
<a href=”“><img src=”“</a>


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