I’m In Chicago…

I’m in Chicago tonight and tomorrow doing venue visits for our second annual fall digital event. Fortunately, we have a Chicago office now, so we all actually have a place to call “home” when visiting for business. 

After my site visit tonight (the Hard Rock Hotel), I had dinner with a dear friend tonight at Luxbar and am going for a long sunrise run along Michigan Ave. in the morning before my other venue visits (the Renaissance and the Allegro if anyone is interested; we used Hotel 71 last year but they’re booked for the date we need).

Whenever I am in Chicago, I try to run either along Michigan Ave. or the lake-front, depending on where I’m staying.  I don’t run a ton at home, but when I travel, it’s my preferred form of exercise/exploration. It’s how I’ve familiarized myself with pretty much every city to which I’ve traveled. (Getting lost is quite fun too!)

Being here always makes me long for my life in D.C. I miss walking everywhere. I miss the hustle-bustleor urban life … but then on the flip-side, I love my 10-minute commute here, the bike path behind our house, and the fact that I can leave work at 5, 5:30 and be home from the gym and grocery store by 7 …

There are tradeoffs everywhere in life … that much is true.  And don’t get me wrongl; we have a great life here — wonderful friends and colleagues, great property, great jobs, and my hubby’s getting his MBA from a top biz school. We’re definitely taking advantage of being here. 

But I do miss living in a huge city sometimes, which is why when I travel, that nostalgia for 20-something urban life comes back.

Anyway, I will be back blogging next week. Hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy weekend!


10 thoughts on “I’m In Chicago…

  1. A part of me wishes I could live in a big city – just once. I’ve always lived in the ‘burbs – which I love! – but sometimes I wonder what that other experience would be like. I guess that’s why I love to travel!

    I hope you have a great weekend in Chicago!!

  2. Have fun!! I need to get to that side of the country sometime soon. I am in Alaska. Summer is short and gorgeous but light out almost always. I should take a vacation in the winter which is about 8 months long.

  3. Oh and for the record….we don’t speak with an accent of any sort (thank you Sarah Palin) she didn’t speak with one before she got on the McCain ticket either. I heard an old interview with her the other day on the radio. I was wondering how she caught an accent since then.

  4. Thanks, everyone! Loving the city, per usual! Have to head back soon though. Mara, this was just an overnight–boo! One of these days I’ll stay longer!

    LOL, Alis. There’s no woman on this planet who irritates me more than SP, politics-aside!

  5. It took me until just recently to realize that there really isn’t the perfect place to live. I used to think “If only I could live with Matt in England, I will be happy.” Then, the whole time I’ve lived here, I’ve thought, “If I could just be back home in CA, I’ll be happy.” Finally the old saying has finally for in my head that happiness is really NOT a destination! I think we have the potential to be equally happy and miserable, wherever we live.
    That was sort of a random comment but I hope you enjoy your time in The Windy City!

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