Trust Yourself; Just Try

Special K over at The Special K Treatment has posed an awesome challenge  about intuition and trusting ourselves that I want to participate in, and think many of us could benefit from.

As she notes, all too often, we’re discouraged by our own thoughts, by what we “should” have done but didn’t do, by what we ought to be doing vs. what we are doing. We have lost that sense of trust that we have as children. We’re preoccupied with what others will think, and it often paralyzes us from listening to our gut–I know I struggle with this a lot.

Adding insult to injury, we live in a world where we’re barraged with messages about how we “need” to look younger, be thinner, dress better. (Be smarter isn’t usually outwardly encouraged, yet clearly that ought to trump all).

By their very nature and existence, the diet and fashion industries tell us (quite implicitly) that we don’t/shouldn’t trust ourselves and “need” them to thrive/succeed/be beautiful.

With all that pressure, it’s hard not to fall victim. I have a deep appreciation for those who come away from their teenage and young adult lives scar-free and with a strong sense of self.

Special K asks us how we can trust ourselves … to make those decisions on our own, based on our own intuition. We know ourselves better than we think we do. We’ve just been jaded by mixed messages out there.

What area(s) of your life require more intuition and trust? Health? Financial? Career? Personal? Love? Goals?

Today, just for today, make it a goal to trust yourself a little more in whatever area you’re struggling in. And then try to do it for a whole week.

I think you know my goal is about eating and exercising intuitively … giving it another shot today.

How about you? How can you trust yourself more?


2 thoughts on “Trust Yourself; Just Try

  1. I need to trust myself more in my personal life. I have recent ex-boyfriend that is supposed to be “showing me he can be the man I deserve” (his words not mine) he wants to have a future with me. I should be sitting back and seeing what efforts and changes he is making. One of them was supposed to be showing me I was a priority in his life. It seems though that I am the one initiating all of the contact so he ends up staying lazy about it. What I want to do is call him, what I impulsively do is text him. I know intuitively I should relax and see what he does. As of today I am going to back off and see what efforts he makes. I almost texted him about an hour ago then deleted it. After reading this….I am commited to seeing what efforts he makes. Thank you so much for this. It is just what I needed today.

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