I realize that today’s post (below) goes very against the notion of not speaking ill of my body, not identifying myself solely for my form/shape … but it’s a struggle for me, and I’ll leave it at that. I realize my messaging here isn’t consistent, but this is my thoughts, really what is going on inside my head … however twisted it may be. And truthfully … the emotional side of things is a lot harder to grapple with than the unhealthy physical behaviors I engaged in before.


3 thoughts on “P.S.-

  1. Don’t beat yourself up! We all have good days and bad days. It’s good that you are using the blog as an outlet and it helps me to see that we all struggle with these things. Thank you for being honest!

  2. Just as Sara said, don’t beat yourself up. I think it is good to recognize you’re grappling with mental anguish now, and that you’re trying to figure out how to address it. I don’t think anyone who says “I’ve never had body issues” is telling the truth–everyone has them,and more frequently than we’d like to admit. You’re not twisted b/c of what you’re thinking; you’re human. By speaking out and letting others know what you’re dealing with I hope you feel some relief, and that you glean some ideas to potentially help you wrestle the mental monster that wants you to think you’re bad. Grrrr! Tackle it to the ground and stomp on it!

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