A Little Respite is in Order

I’m so embarassed.

Yesterday, I sent out an internal news release with the date June 30 on it — fortunately, I fixed it before I prepped it and sent it out to the media, but with it being 60 degrees out here, forgive me for forgetting that yesterday began July!

Short post today — I just wanted to say, I am taking a couple days off from blogging to just enjoy some down-time.

We’re both off from work, and although we’re not going anywhere in particular (we need to finish tiling the basement, we’re hosting a BBQ, I’m meeting a dear friend for gabbing, lunch and outlet browsing) I need some time away from being “connected” for my own well-being.

So I hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy Fourth of July weekend, and I’ll “see you” next week!


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