Escapism Via Film

the-proposal-posterI was reading a New York Times movie review of my new favorite flick, The Proposal, and something caught my eye worth sharing here.

The review itself was (not surprisingly, as critics and the general public usually don’t see eye to eye on cinematic greatness) pretty unfavorable — calling the romantic comedy formulaic and predictable, but “safe.”

Well, I saw it last Saturday, and I happened to love it.

Not only because I adore Sandra Bullock and have a little (ok, ginormous!) crush on Ryan Reynolds, but because I left the theater feeling happy. Uplifted.

In their comments, several viewers noted that they felt a movie like this — regardless of how predictable and safe as it was — served its purpose of simply entertaining us during tough times.

I couldn’t agree more. In spite of an economic recession, wars all over, getting hit that morning … none of that felt like it mattered when, for two hours, I was entertained in a movie theater by some gorgeous eye candy (both Ryan and Sandra are easy on the eyes) and borderline-over-the-top humor.

Is “escapism” the new recession remedy? I know I have found myself reading more books, doing more low-key things. When we go to the movies, we try to pick matinees. I check books out from the library, something I never did before.

This weekend, I intend to see My Sister’s Keeper. I’m curious to see one of my favorite books, brought to life. (I always end up still preferring the book, except for The Notebook; that one was better on film).

Anyone that knows the book knows it’s not an uplifting story, but again, I’m looking for an escape, and a film like this — for which I know I’ll need a box of Kleenex at my side — will tug at my heartstrings and make me appreciate everything and everyone I have in my life.

Is that predictable? Maybe.

But so what? Sometimes, we just need to “get away.” That said, have a fantastic, happy, safe and healthy weekend. 

How about you? What compels you to go to the movies or read a book? Does genre influence your decision?

PS–This post was written yesterday, before I heard about Michael Jackson’s death. I am so very sad about the passing of this incredible icon. In so many ways, he represented our generation’s coming of age. Like someone commented on the New York Times site:  (paraphrased) “Our parents’ generation had a man walking on the moon. Ours had the moonwalk.” RIP Michael Jackson.


7 thoughts on “Escapism Via Film

  1. i LOVED “The Proposal” too! it was much funnier than i had expected – like, laugh-out-loud funny, which doesn’t seem to happen that much at movies any more. my boyfriend had been saying for awhile that he just wanted to see a really good comedy because the economy has been so depressing (he’s a car salesman!) , and this one really fit the bill.

    and holy smokes, ryan reynolds is HAWT!!

  2. Genre always influences my buying decision when it comes to books and movies. I almost always pick the funny movie or the light hearted book. I don’t need any extra anxiety or suspense in my life.

    I’m planning on seeing “The Propsal” tonight. I actually have never been very into movies, but lately I have watched quite a few. Sometimes in theatres, sometimes at home. Your post got me thinking about whether my new found interest is an escapism tactic….hmmm

  3. I am SO excited to see “My Sister’s Keeper.” I actually read the book on vacation and spent my last day reading it just sobbing. My sisters read it, too, so I’m hoping we’ll get to see it soon!

    Okay, Ryan Reynolds is smokin’ hot! I loved him in “Definitely, Maybe.” That was a very cute movie. I’ll have to check out “The Proposal,” too.

    I tend to mix things up when it comes to movies and books – I like romantic comedies, musicals, dramas, even some non-fiction like “Into Thin Air” (a true story of an expedition to Mount Everest that ended tragically – VERY Good book!). And although I LOVE happy endings, sometimes it really sits with me when they don’t end happily.

  4. So glad you liked it too, Auntie! And HAWT is the word. Ryan, if you’re reading this …I have a MAJOR crush! 😉

    CMWB, I hope you see it and enjoy it!

    Holly, I cried my eyes out reading it, but I hear they changed the ending so we’ll see … OMG love love love him!

  5. I haven’t seen The Proposal, but I actually saw My Sister’s Keeper on Monday in a Sneak Peek… they did an excellent job adapting it to film.

  6. I think “escapism” is definitely in right now. Does it work? I’m trying to fit time into my schedule for an “escape,” but I’m having a hard time… I’d really like to know what everybody else tihnks.

    Haha, I’m glad you liked The Proposal. I’m seeing it tomorrow. Tell us how “My Sister’s Keeper” goes. If it’s awesome, come back and tell us about it!

    Have a lovely weekend!!!
    Egg Beaten Angel

  7. Bleachusd — I thought the film was AWFUL when compared to the book! They changed so much, including the ending which totally was what made the book so amazing!!! The beauty is, to each her own 🙂 Glad you liked it.

    Thanks, Angel. I think we just need to make time for it. It’s not easy, but necessary, to have “me time”

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