Jivin’ for Journaling

IMG00008I’ve mentioned before that I have a personal journal and a food journal.

Well, this past weekend I found the cutest matching journals — one big (for thoughts), one small (for food/exercise) — in Walmart’s clearance section, of all places!

There’s nothing more exciting to me than a new journal. Truth be told, not even my new Coach bag was as exciting a purchase. I love, love, love to write.

I’ve been writing since sixth grade almost every day, starting at age 11 with silly fights with my sister or crushes on a certain boy who shall remain nameless … to details of friendships and budding romances, high school antics with the gang, unforgettable college memories, heartbreaks, studying abroad, my sorority life, body image issues, new purchases, the heartache of a long distance relationship, 9/11, travel, buying my first car, engagement, marriage, moving, new jobs, new friends … you name it, it’s in there. Pretty much my whole life is documented for our future children to see.

I usually buy small Five-Star 3-subject notebooks because they fit into my purse and aren’t too bulky. But I wanted something fun and fresh and exciting to look at, so these were a great (and cheap) buy.

Silly as it may seem, I’ve always started my first entry of a new journal with something to the effect of, “I love starting a new journal — a fresh slate.”

My first few pages are always in beautiful, clean handwriting — print, not cursive (I used to prefer cursive).

But by the second week or so, my writing usually becomes hastier and less pretty, as I journaled in moving cars, on planes, the train …

Still,there’s something exciting and exhilirating about a completely blank notebook. Tabula rosa.

And now that my regular journal and food journal will match, I feel like I’ll have more an incentive to write cleanly in my personal journal and eat cleanly so I can document cleanly in my food journal.

I know journaling isn’t for everyone — most of my friends do not keep personal journals or food journals. But the way my hardware works, I love journaling. It’s not a chore. It’s an adventure.

And on that note, have a happy, healthy and safe weekend. You know I’ll be journaling about mine!

How about you? Do you keep a diary? What does it look like?


6 thoughts on “Jivin’ for Journaling

  1. Those journals are so cute!

    I did keep journals when I was younger, and it’s so funny to read them now. I don’t keep an “official” written journal, but I do write down my thoughts and feelings from time to time. I know it is helpful, and it’s something I’d like to do more often.

  2. Thanks, Jenn! They’re flowery and summery, happy. πŸ™‚ I have enjoyed writing in them today already!!

    I tend to work through many of my problems on my own, via my journal. It’s like a companion … but one who offers nothing back πŸ˜‰

  3. My only journal is my food blog. I used to keep written personal journals up through early college, but I was totally burned by my mom and boyfriend who snooped around and read them, then held what I wrote against me multiple times. It was a traumatic experience that I decided I could never go through again, so I stopped writing a journal. I don’t know that I miss it much on the personal side. I really love my food blogging, though, and all the cool people I’ve “met” because of it πŸ™‚ I consider it an interactive journal that is very rewarding πŸ™‚

  4. cute journals and post it notes! phew im not the only one.

    ive kept food journals for 4 years or so, and exercise ones for 5-6 years. ive got stacks, i don’t throw them out.

    lissa, have you kept all your food journals through the years or do you throw them once the are filled? just wonderin!

  5. Those are cute! I find that regular journaling doesn’t work for me, nor do I generally want to re-read what I had written in the height of emotion! Instead, recently I have been emailing myself when I need to talk my way through something. Or write my way as the case may be. I envy those who can journal regularly, it seems like such a great way to self-therapize (yeah, that might not be a word…)


  6. I’m sorry your mom and BF violated your privacy in your journals, but great way of looking at blogging, Kersten!

    Clare, I saved all of them. Chronicles of Melissa πŸ™‚ I do go back and read them from time to time, but not often.

    Thanks, Yas!! Yup, it’s a good form of “self-therapizing” πŸ™‚

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