Is Anyone Else Annoyed by Stephanie Pratt’s Bulimia Disclosure?

IMG00007As you might recall, I am reading Dara Chadwick’s awesome guide for moms and their daughters as they navigate the roller coaster of adolescence, You’d Be So Pretty If …

(Review to come soon!)

One of the things she talks about is how media consumption can play a role in how we (and our daughters) feel about ourselves/themselves … but that ignoring media or banning it isn’t the solution. Rather, keeping an open dialogue is — and I agree with her 100 percent.

Like Dara, I can’t imagine giving up my magazine addiction — though lately I’ve been annoyed by the same stories circulating in publications..

But I hope to be able to do what Dara has done with her daughter: sit down with her and talk honestly and openly about air-brushing, how models/actresses/celebrities are paid to look a certain way and that it’s unrealistic of us to feel inadequate next to them, etc.

However, I literally cringed this morning when I saw this headline: ‘Hills’ Star Says Thin Co-Stars Brought Her to Bulimia

I admit I used to love The Hills, so I knew who this pseudo-starlet was, but in case you don’t know — Stephanie Pratt is the sister of sinister Spencer Pratt (one half of “Speidi”). Love her or hate her, she’s quite a character!

Anyway, she is a size 0-2 girl who claims that she felt “fat” next to Lauren and Audrina and Whitney on the show, and it led to bulimia.

Now, I’m not annoyed that she was bulimic — of course not — and I’m not doubting that pressure to be thin in Hollywood can spark/incite an eating disorder. I hope she’s turned things around (I haven’t gotten my hands on the full article yet; online there’s just a blurb).

But it just kills me that this is what is out there for general consumption: starlets (or in her case, wannabe starlets) who are skinny already out there talking about how they felt pressure to be even thinner.

Plus, she’s posing on the cover in a bikini! Hello, what kind of mixed message does that send?

Worse, as part of her article, there’s a link to “Scary Skinny Stars” — does US Weekly not realize that this is “thinspiration” for some?! Sure they do … but it sells magazines.

The thing is, we know that for so many, ED is psychological, it’s about control … We know it’s not always about vanity or wanting to be thin. But in Stephanie Pratt’s case, it was peer pressure that led her to bulimia.

It’s a vicious cycle, and it seems to just keep going on and on in the media. Skinny stars trying to get skinnier. Young girls looking up to these women, admiring them. Wanting to be like them. And the obsession with “thin” rages on.

Fortunately, self-acceptance is a growing trend here in the blogosphere — hopefully it’ll translate into real life, too. It’s like a backlash against all the hype to be skinny, to embrace yourself as you are now.

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point started Operation Beautiful. Take a look, it’s an awesome initiative to end “fat talk one anonymous post-it at a time.”

In fact, just today Heather at Hangry Pants posted her mantra, “You are enough,”.

I love it!

We can’t make media go away (life would be boring without it!) but we can learn how to absorb it, dissect it and talk about it in a healthy manner.

If only someone had said to Stephanie, “You are enough” instead of suggesting she put on a T-shirt (vs. just posing in a bikini) maybe she wouldn’t have gone down the path she did.

I know it’s something I personally struggle with, but I’m all for promoting positive body image, one day at a time, one step at a time.

(Hope you like my little memo to myself in my journal :))

How about you? What do you think when you read about celebrities and Hollywood’s obsession with thinness? How can you love yourself today?


9 thoughts on “Is Anyone Else Annoyed by Stephanie Pratt’s Bulimia Disclosure?

  1. Interesting that you posted this today. I wrote a very depressing and sad post today about my own body image, how much I hate it.

    I’m 53 and when I was a young girl, Twiggy was the desired look. Twiggy as she was in the 60’s, waif-like, tiny. No wonder I hate my body so much.

  2. ((Diana)) Sometimes we just need a hug.

    Can you think of something positive to share about yourself today? Sometimes just a glimmer of positive energy can turn a day around!

  3. I have mixed feelings about this…in one way, I commend her for stepping forward and admitting she has a problem (I wish more stars would be more forward about their EDs – I know they have a right to privacy, but I think they could do a lot of good by admitting they have a problem!), but on the other hand, that is REALLY irritating that she is posing in a bikini! It sends such a mixed message. I would love to read the article, though, just to see what she has to say about her treatment, etc.

    And I buy only Kashi cereal, too – for the same reasons as you! I LOVE sugary cereals (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reese’s, Frosted Flakes), but I’d go through a box in 2 days. A whole Kashi box in 2 days equals LOADS of discomfort. 🙂

  4. I absolutely, totally agree with you. Celebrities need to be the ones to stop this obsession with thinness. Of course young girls want to be like them. So if they say, no – I’m not going to lose weight because of media pressure then young girls might not feel so pressured to be super skinny. It’s so frustrating!

  5. I see both sides of it, Holly, too — I think it’s good she’s speaking about it, but it just comes off as so mixed-messaged when we see her in a bikini two seconds later. Amen, sister!

    Robin, that’s why I like Scarlett Johansson and blogged about her recently (you can do a search for her here) — I loved a piece she wrote.

  6. im simply annoyed that even though i haven’t watched TV in 4 years, i still know who stephanie pratt is. lol!

  7. I am glad you liked my note! I read that article at the check out line and was similarly annoyed, but mostly because I found it to be a desperate attempt at getting attention than anything else.

  8. LOL Clare. She’s heinous, isn’t she?!

    I agree, Heather! She needed attention b/c Spiedi was on that show!

  9. Good for her for admitting her disorder..but come on! jeeze.. There she is confessing this big dark secret about her low self esteem and ED, but she’s sitting in a bikini..Her self esteem can’t surely be that low could it. i have been fighting bulimia and anorexia for 2 years, at my sickest i was 93 pounds and i wouldn’t have taken a photo in anything that wasn’t a long sweater and track pants let alone a f*cking bikini…all those magazine articles do for girls like me is feed their disorders, I used to cut out every photo of a skinny girl and keep them, looking to them for “thinspo” this isn’t a healthy way to’s a way to die. Wake up world…this is why our children are so confused as to who they are.

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