Bidding Adieu to One of My Fave Blogs … BISJ

One of my favorite bloggers, Steph at Back in Skinny Jeans, anounced today her blog’s retirement. It was a very brave move — as it had been part of her identity for so long — and not that my opinion matters, but I support her 100 percent in her decision.

You can read her whole story here, “When It’s Time to Let Go of Your Skinny Jeans.”

As she notes, BISJ had its purpose, and its purpose has come and gone.

Now, she is focused on something new, Jeans for Good, which is, in Steph’s words, “… a mission for people to let go of their un-used jeans like the skinny and fat jeans, and donate, sell, or auction those jeans for a cause or charity close to your heart. On our favorite theme of how small actions still produce results, I believe that even a pair of jeans can help make the world a better place.”

I love this idea, and am going to see what I have in my closet to contribute to such a good cause.

I have a personal affection for Steph and BISJ. Hers was one of the first blogs I ever read. In fact, I did one of my first guest posts on her blog. And I met her in Chicago at a blogger meet-and-greet last fall.

In addition, she’s been an ear for me when it comes to blogging and recovery, and reminding me (and all her readers) about the importance of being true to our own authentic selves.

Steph’s a wealth of knowledge, and I’m so glad she’ll still be out there in the blogosphere. After I read her adieu post, I immediately e-mailed her.

“You are so very brave, Steph!! I read your adieu, and I have to say, between that and your Jeans for Good initiative — you’re a rockstar. I just drafted a blog entry earlier today that I deleted that talked about the notion of “seeking improvement vs perfection” and how even THAT assumes we’re missing something … and how negative it really is. So reading your post today — it just hit home so much. Anyway, best wishes to you – it sounds like you’re making the right move at the absolute right time for you. I am so proud of you for being at that place.”

She wrote back right away, and as always, her words were inspirational and encouraging to me. She’s going to do a guest post here about Jeans for Good — so stay tuned!

To be honest, I hope someday to be at the same emotional/mental place as Steph … where my blog has served its purpose and I can move on.

I think I’m on that path … but for now, I’m happy where things are. I like knowing I’m helping others, raising awareness, and helping myself.

But someday, Tales of a (Recovering) Disordered Eater will morph into something else … maybe when we start a family, who knows. Til then, I’m in a good place and grateful for it.

Thanks for being such an inspiration, Steph!!


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