Murphy’s Law

Wouldn’t you know it, that after my post about midnight waking/eating … I’ve now woken the past two nights, but somehow not been in so much of a stupor that I was actually able to go back to bed after using the bathroom.

Murphy’s Law, I tell you!!

What was different? I don’t really know. I’ve said before, it’s something that seems to “happen to me” versus me doing, since it’s like sleepwalking. But now I’ve had two ok nights … since that post!

Last night I ordered unsweetened iced tea (and agua) at dinner out vs. Diet Coke — less caffeine. That could play a role; I never thought caffeine affected me, but maybe it — or the fake sugar in Diet Coke — does. Hmmm ….! I’ve tried to quit it in the past but now my consumption is just “less.”

Just wanted to share that little update. Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law

  1. Hi Melissa: Caffeine ALWAYs affects the brain. As a non- soda drinker (if I have one, I have the REAL coke), I hear people saying this all the time. I think psychologically we convince ourselves that we have been consuming something for soooo long there is no impact – but caffeine is caffeine.

    Also, I jumped over and read your post about stopping the Diet Coke habit. I am convinced that the chemical in the product induces hunger, and worse that chemical does not leave your body – ever! I am a total anti-fake sugar freak and have been for decades, the chemical aspect just totally scares me…its like a tumor in a bottle to me.

    My last comment is – have you ever considered just letting yourself eat at night? I know this is evil according to Weight Watchers, but seriously – I have come to believe it is another one of those totally psychological concept. I eat nightly, I have done it as long as I can remember. Because I don’t think of it as a “bad” habit, it doesn’t impact me (its more of a hassle than anything because I have to go downstairs to grab something). The fact is – I’m just hungry at that time.

    Just something to ponder…when you are so in the diet lifestyle, sometimes its hard to see how we put “bad” and “good” labels on everything- its all B.S. I would be curious to hear what your therapist thinks about this.

    Love ya,

  2. Thanks ladies, I hope addressing it somehow helped! “Coming out” seems to do that for me, like with blogging!

    So true, MamaV. Regular Coke now tastes way too sweet for me, but the truth is I don’t need any of it. I like it — big difference πŸ™‚

    Fake sugars are supposedly like heroin in terms of addictiveness; I believe it!

    I have done that — some nights, I’ve been hungry (genuinely) and just eaten — and that’s FINE. But this isn’t hunger; I promise you, what’s happened recently has not been hunger at all. If it was, I’d eat. I’m not being restrictive at all. It’s not a bad habit if someone is hungry — but if it’s done out of habit just because, that bothers me.

    And I really don’t feel like I’m in a diet lifestyle anymore; this is just how I eat/how I live. I’ve been able to go out and enjoy dessert with friends (like last night) with nary a second thought. Yes, I track calories, but I don’t obsess if I eat more than intended. What was upsetting me recently was going SO far over a limit on unnecessary junk; stuff I wasn’t hungry for, stuff that had no nutritional value, stuff I was eating just to eat, and thinking about later.

    The same way I can’t go on a shopping spree without having money in my bank account, I also can’t go on a food frenzy. It doesn’t work for me, and these past few months showed me that — as did the scale/my clothes. I feel good now, though — and I don’t know how much I weigh, but I feel good.

    No more therapist, we parted ways when she thought I was “ready” and ironically, the next week, I stopped c/s — from nothing she told me — just tough love from family/friends/hubby. But I do know she was anti-DC!!


  3. I really have trouble with fake sugar affecting my brain. In the last half of the day, I am majorly susceptible to anything I eat affecting my sleep, especially chocolate, sugar, fake sugar, and caffeine. I bet if you play around with the timing of everything it might help the sleep patterns. I know it does for me (I don’t wake up and eat but I wake up, am restless, then feel very tired the next day).

  4. caffeine totally gets me! i cant have any after about 3 p.m. or ill never get to sleep. but so glad to hear you had two snack free nights!

    i really enjoy your blog! been a reader for quite some time now. your posts are always so relatable (sp?). i’ve actually just started blogging myself and i added you to my blogroll. hope thats okay! if you have any advice for a newbie blogger id love to hear it!

  5. Hey Mandy! I’ll def. look into the caffeine correlation.

    Thanks, Jody πŸ™‚ That’s so kind of you!! The best advice I have is to be as transparent and real and authentic as you can be. People sense it, they appreciate it. And realize that 1) not everyone will love what you write and 2) you might lose readers for your content — but you are your own writer, editor, proofer πŸ™‚ Powerful!!

  6. Aspartame can make you eat more sweets as your brain thinks it’s getting sugar but your body doesn’t get to feel those effects. So the fake sweetners in your diet coke might actually be driving you to snack behind your own back…..

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