“Do Your Best, Forget the Rest”

10minute_teaser_tony“Do your best, forget the rest.”

Of all of Tony Horton’s ridiculously cheesy lines in P90X, that one has got to be my favorite.

(For anyone who has experienced P90X, Tony’s full of great lines — the videos are worth it just for that 😉

Because really, how true is that of anything in life? We can’t all be (or necesssarily even want to be) corporate big-wigs, world-renown physicians, acclaimed lawyers, globe-trotting humanitatians …

But we can strive to do our best (at whatever we do) … and, in Tony’s words, “forget the rest.”

Of course it doesn’t mean to stop trying, but rather focus on working towards our own personal goals, and not someone else’s ideals. Naturally, this can be translated to anything in life, including body image issues.

The girl next to you on the treadmill might run a 7 minute mile, but you might have a monthly column in Cooking Light. Success means different things for different people, and when we’re striving our best for is ultimately what matters most.

I’m in my sixth week of P90X and I have to say, it’s been an adventure. I haven’t seen a ton of changes that I can credit to P90X alone, but I am enjoying it. Tony (like Jillian Michaels) is really motivational and makes me want to do my best.

I’ve noticed my thighs looking more toned (they’ve always been big, but they look more toned now). But I’ve also been shredding, so any leg definition I’m noticing could be from that, too – who knows.

That said, any lack of visible progress is my own doing; only in the past two weeks (this being the third) have I really been back on WW 100%, and eating more cleanly.

Plus, I have always been active and worked out daily, so it’s not like a sudden jolt to my body, as it is for a lot of people.

In addition, I’ve also not been following it to the T. I stopped doing the yoga video after the third week (doing cardio that day instead; actually doig cardio almost every day still) and don’t have a chin-up or pull-up bar (I make up my own moves to modify there).

But when it comes to doing my best and giving it my all, I am proud to say I have been able to do real push-ups, though, and I can only credit P90X and Shredding for that!!

I can’t do a ton of push-ups before I need to do them on my knees, but I can bust out 20 decent ones. My form isn’t amazing, but it’s getting there; it’s my best. And it’s getting better. Considering I couldn’t do ONE not too long ago, this is, indeed, progress.

I’m not discouraged that I’m not seeing lots of physical results yet; I am challenging myself each and every day, and giving it my all. And I know that mixing things up from my usual routine can only be good for me going forward.

KenpoX and PlyoX are great alternatives to my usual Precor with arms sessions “phoning it in” (to quote Jillian) at the gym. And the three days of strength videos and AbRipperX rock.

I love challenging myself and hadn’t been for so long. But this workout system has really helped me “do my best and forget the rest.”

Thanks, Tony!

How about you? Does “Do your best, forget the rest” work for you?


9 thoughts on ““Do Your Best, Forget the Rest”

  1. 20 push-ups is awesome! Um, I’m still doing them on my knees and struggle to bust out sets of 15. I really need to get going on that! I’ve heard great things about P90X. I think I might want to try shredding first and see how I do with that!

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