The Storm Before the Calm?

The creek in our backyard
The creek in our backyard
I am not trying to jinx myself here, but I wonder if I’m experiencing the reversal of the expression, “the calm before the storm.”

After months of “stormy” misery, struggling with chewing and spitting and midnight eating and then quitting those habits but still emotionally-eating, over-eating and making bad choices, I feel like I can see the horizon now.

Like I’m on the path somewhere, kind of that rejuvenation I felt in 2004 when I joined WW.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn here, but for the past four days I’ve felt incredible. No DE behaviors at all. I’ve been journaling, sticking to my Points (loving knowing I have so many WPAs left if I need them!) eating cleanly, exercising in moderation, getting plenty of sleep.

Honestly, there’s been no urge to over-eat, no urge to chew/spit. (I’m 10, almost 11 weeks “sober”!)

I don’t want to sound naïve and say with full certainty that my storm has passed and this is the calm (over-confidence about anything –work, school, love, friendships, weight loss– has always led to an immediate flop for me in the past) … so I’ve learned to always stay on my toes.

But maybe this is a lull? Whatever it is, I’m lovin’ it.

We’re hosting a BBQ this weekend for our friends, and I’m not anxious about it at all. I’m just looking forward to the company of our friends, and it will be a great time.

My hubby and I both love to entertain at home, and one of the benefits of being married and a home-owner now (versus when I was an apartment-dweller) is we have lots of fun entertaining stuff, plus we have the space for our guests.

I’m also excited because we bought a really nice fire pit and will be able to make S’mores! S’mores always make me think of camping with my family and being a Girl Scout, and they’re worth every bite.

I hope to carry this calm with me into the long weekend. Four days off work/blogging will be refreshing, but I’ll be back blogging on Tuesday.

Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday weekend, dear readers! And as always, thanks for your unyeilding support.

How about you? Any fun Memorial Day plans?


5 thoughts on “The Storm Before the Calm?

  1. I can really relate to this thought as I seem to be in the calm now as well. But like you said, why not just enjoy it. With everything, in times of stress or changing circumstance, we can`t do everything the way we would like. Some habits are harder to keep up in those times and that`s ok. I think this may be a calm before a storm, but maybe the next storm won`t be so earth shattering as the last becuase you have developed new coping mechanisms and learned new skills before it arrives. You learn from every storm. I think we are best to just enjoy the times when we don`t feel like we are fighting ourselves to go through with the behaviours that allow us to get to our goal. There will be days when it is harder, days when we lose the fight, but if we enjoy the easy days the harder days may not seem as significant.

  2. I also wait for the shoe to drop during periods of calm. Just go with this calmness and enjoy it and know that the good habits/behaviors you have been practicing reinforce that “mental muscle” so that you are better prepared if/when that storm hits.

    How nice to have such a beautiful backyard. I love city living but do miss having a yard!

  3. Yup, I’m enjoying being in this moment and maybe you’re right, Susie, maybe I’m learning new coping mechanisms and next time it won’t seem so bad. Lara, that’s it–the resistance muscle 🙂

    Thanks!! that pic hardly does justice–maybe next week I’ll put up some pics; it’s gorgeous this time of year! Moving from DC had its losses but our backyard (in spite of its need for care!) was a def. plus!

  4. I’m glad I came across your blog… C and S is something I’ve been struggling with for the last few months and I’m desperate to stop this behavior. I’m so happy for you that you are 11 “sober” lol… Keep up the good work 🙂

    Do you have any advice as to what helped you stop? I notice when I’m really busy, or surrounded by people I have no desire to C and S, but when I’m alone or bored I feel the need too.

    Thanks and good luck with everything!

  5. Thanks so much, S. I agree with you, when I’m with others the temptation is less and less, but the real way I think I’ve nixed this is honestly just telling myself I am in control and am choosing not to do it. Somehow,that clicked…more than therapy, more than anything else. Realizing I was, indeed, in control. Best wishes to you, as well!

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