Good Read: Judith Warner

I found Judith Warner’s column in yesterday’s New York Times to be noteworthy and relevant here on my blog, so I’m sharing it today.

Take a peek at “Not-So-Great Expectations”.

Thoughts? It was very fitting in conjunction with my blog entry today, seen below.

6 thoughts on “Good Read: Judith Warner

  1. To me it speaks to being realistic with our expectations. I don’t get that she is saying not to have dreams (expectations and dreams are two very different things IMO) but to really step back and asses if our expectations are realistic for our lives right now. As it relates to weight this reasonates with me becuse I often say I want to weigh X lbs because that is where I looked my best. But I was X lbs 10 yrs ago and now at 40 maybe that weight isn’t realistic for me. My husband reminds me of this all the time and I sometimes get mad at him 🙂 but I think deep down I know there is some truth to it.

  2. EXACTLY. I’m not quite 30 yet and my hubby is always telling me the same thing, esp regarding weight — it’s unfair to me to have the same expectations of my 24 yr old body to my 30 year old body … I’m going to be pregnant someday (hopefully!) and my body will chage … after kids … so to have these unrealistic expectations that I’ll forver have flat-tish abs, etc….is like settig myself up for failure, instead of appreciating myself in the here and now. It’s hard to get over though … accepting a B istead of an “A”

  3. that was a great article. sometimes when you take pressure off yourself to “perform” or “change” and just let it be…then you actually do perform or change BETTER because the stress is released! at least for me…


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