20090502This is not an original image, but I saw it over at Roni’s Weigh and just had to share it here, since it is so on-message, I think, with my blog, too.

Talk about a powerful message.

I read it several times and let it sink in. So often (ok every day), we’re bombarded with images that make us feel like we’re not good enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough. That we aren’t ok how we are. Ads tell us our skin is too splotchy, it’s not dark enough, we have “thunder-thighs” and we’re covered in “unsightly” cellulite … (ok, what woman DOESN’T have it?!)

We can choose to be bold and ignore these images and say, “I’m ok with not being a size X” and “I love my thick, muscled calves.”

Or we can look at magazines, movies, images and hate on ourselves, wasting hours of our day in a narcissistic bubble. What does that solve? Does it make us any nicer, kinder, smarter, richer?

No, no, no and no. How do I know? Because I’ve been there, I’ve done that. And maybe you have, too.

What do we learn? I learned all it does is fuel the obsession even more.

The trend for this week on my blog seems to be trusting in ourselves, and I thought this quote was both appropriate and brutally honest … and beautifully tragic too.

How about you? What does this quote mean to you?


11 thoughts on “Quoteworthy

  1. I LOVE that quote, and was planning on putting it on my Friday post too!! I think its very interesting that throughout history, the definition of beauty has gone from what we would now call “fat” or “full figured” or “plus sized” to something that, in the past, would’ve been called “sickly.”

  2. Powerful quote. For me, it is a reminder of how utterly UNrealistic all of the media hype about being thin and beautiful is. It’s a reminder that there never will be such a thing as “perfect.”

  3. So true, Mara. It’s like we have completely flip-flopped as society…and it’s so very sad. I don’t think being extremely overweight is something anyone should strive for, but neither is being extremely skinny.

  4. wonderful quote. I wince when I see some of the young female actresses (or even some of the older ones who have suddenly gone from thin but healthy to scary thin) Seems like the women in film/tv/magazines get smaller and smaller. Even with the modeling industry denouncing unhealthy BMI’s just look at any ad in Vogue and you will see scary thin women (who also happen to be 16) yet they are promoting an ideal for adult women!

  5. Me too, Lara. It’s nauseating to think that that is what they strive for–and that we perpetuate it as society.

  6. I LOVE this quote. For me, it just reminds me of how I felt less beautiful when I got to be “scary skinny” – but society told me it would make me feel prettier. It didn’t at all, and in fact I found myself wanting to hide in bigger clothes moreso than flaunt my real figure.

    I know trends always ebb and flow, and I’m waiting for the trend to go back to when being curvier was “in.” We are getting there, for sure, but I’m afraid we have a long ways to go….

  7. Holly I also wore baggy clothes when I got super thin. I always wanted to be thinner to wear more “showy” clothes but by the time I got there my mind was so messed up that I just wanted to hide. Certainly did not feel sexy or pretty which is so the opposite of what people equate with being thin.

  8. That is so interesting and makes a lot of sense, Lara and Holly, about wanting to hide behind baggy clothes … it’s further proof that for everyone, it’s not about vanity or wanting to feel hot.
    And I can’t WAIT for curvy to be back in!

  9. Lissa I think at that time I started to diet for vanity sake but then it just kind of got out of hand. It is a big question why some people can diet and be fine while others get trapped in that midset of wanting to lose more and more and lose touch with reality or rationality. There was a sad article in our local paper about a 19 yr old girl that died from bulemia. There must be something that goes haywire in the brain that makes it so hard for some people with ED’s to stop. Kind of a tangent here but it really interests me how some people fall into the ED or DE trap and others can diet and not obsess.

  10. One thing I learned in therapy is that some people are just hard-wired that way, more prone to perfectionist/anxious tendencies. It’s like the same way journaling drives one person nuts, and another loves it. We’re hard-wired a certain way, and sometimes it works against us. That is so tragic about that 19-yr old. I can’t imagine ever getting to that point, but I know it’s part of the experience for so many …

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