Awesome Article by Scarlett Johannson, “The Skinny”

Seriously, this commentary by beautiful, breathy-voiced Scarlett Johansson on the Huffington Post rocks.

I found it over at Roni’s Weigh and am passing it along here for all of you.

It’s about time a celebrity says something I can stand behind. Amen, Scarlett … amen!


4 thoughts on “Awesome Article by Scarlett Johannson, “The Skinny”

  1. I absolutely agree. And I think she’s pretty talented for her age … kind of an old soul. She reminds me of old Hollywood.

  2. LOL@ “Stars, they are just like us!” I’ll admit, I look at the rags while I’m on the cardio machines. That page always cracks me up. Stars, they ARE humans! (Except for Tom Cruise maybe.)

    Anyways, WTG Scarlett!

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