25 Things

Sheena tagged me for “25 Things” so since my posts have been heavy today, I decided to go super-light today. Enjoy!

I need to tag five people so … I am tagging:

1. My original address growing up was an RR#2 number. (Yea, that means “rural route” … Jersey style).

2. It’s a personal goal to get published in a major women’s magazine sometime in 2009.

3. Cheer Bear was my first Care Bear… a prelude to my days as a cheerleader and cheerleading coach. We even went to Nationals in Orlando my senior year at VTHS. 🙂 You know, the competition you watch (or flip past) on ESPN?

4. I’m admittedly an anxious, first-born, Type A Libra who struggles with decision making: getting dressed in the morning is usually an affair … and has been since age 4.

5. I have never seen a Seinfeld episode I didn’t like. “The Pen,” the “Junior Mint” and the “Soup Nazi” episodes rank as three of my faves.

6. My mom taught me it’s better to have a couple friends you can count on, than a bunch of friends you can count.

7. I don’t care if they are good for me, you’ll never see me eat an avocado. They gross me out.

8. I order like Sally in When Harry Met Sally when I go out to eat.

9. I hated having auburn hair growing up; now I accept it — it’s my “signature color.” That said, the “Squeak Machine” (curling iron) helps me out each morning.

10. I’m not ashamed to tell people that “Weight Watchers worked.”

11. I can be in another room, and recognize a voice-over by my cousin Peter or a movie/TV show he’s in. His voice is that distinct. (Peter Coyote).

12. I will do almost anything for good dark chocolate, and the best dessert I ever had was dark chocolate tartufo at Café Navona in Rome … after like a ten mile walk with the hubby to get there 🙂

13. I am tone deaf and was devastated to not make it into Chorale in fifth grade (I only made Choir, which EVERYONE made). But I got over it because I was a star player of Mr. Perotta’s “Name that Tune!” (“BAG IT!” for any of you Lounsberry Hollow Middle School friends :))

14. I live to travel and don’t mind taking a risk. a) I’ve flown to both London and Madrid for long weekends (in 2004 and 2008) and lived to tell about it. b) I climbed to the top of Huayna Picchu, the mountain opposite Machu Picchu, in 1999 with friends. c) And I was the first girl in our abroad group to rapel off a cliff in Patagonia.

15. I believe there’s no price too high for a pair of jeans that make you feel hot – regardless of your size or shape. Flatter your assets, ladies. 🙂

16. When I was three, I told my parents I wanted to live in a purple house in Newark and marry Snoopy. Um, yea. That was short-lived and who the heck would ever want to live in Newark by choice?! And Snoopy?

17. I make a terrible road-trip buddy b/c I have a small bladder. But I think I know every rest stop on I-95 between DC and NJ by heart … especially those with Starbucks.

18. I have memorized most of the important Hebrew prayers, but I still like to *think* I’m reading them in temple. And no matter how old I get, I still get the chills when I hear the shofar or light the menorah.

19. My wedding was the best day of my life, Melissa/L. style. We got married at the USNA chapel under a chuppah with a rabbi officiating. Our families did an impromptu Hora to “La Bamba” with us in the middle. And then we partied with our friends from around the world til 4 a.m., ending at the DoubleT. Does it get any better than that?! 🙂

20. I haven’t drank much alcohol since a Dave Matthews concert in 2000 that I will possibly never live down.

21. I wish I didn’t get caught up in the little things sometimes, and that I could see the forest through the trees more.

22. I was (affectionately) called Motormouth and Clifford by my dear friends in high school. They told me they knew my hubby was a keeper when he called me Cliff for the first time in front of them. Lovely. 🙂

23. I have female intuition. It told me my house would burn down Jan 9, 1988 …. and it did. My dad rescued three things in the fire: my parents’ wedding album, some home movies, and my stuffed blue octopus, Octy. Octy is my most prized possesion.

24. I was reading Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and had fallen asleep on a 6:00 a.m. train from DC to NYC on September 11 and woke to the conductor yelling that “One of the Twin Towers is on fire!” By the time we got through the tunnel to Penn Station, NY was under attack.

25. I believe that love can not only move mountains, but it even inspired the one I love to move across the world for me, literally. I’m truly blessed.

Bonus: I am now a Lia Sophia advisor and can do catalog shows, so if you’d like to order something or hostess a show, let me know!! 🙂

10 thoughts on “25 Things

  1. It was so awesome to read so much about you. I also have the smallest bladder i the world and am the typical Type A anxious Libra 9tho middle child). My first and only Care Bear I believe was Lucky? The green one with teh four leaf clvoer on his chest.

    And I am so so jealou of all your travels!!! You really have been all over the place!

    Take Care!

  2. Yay! Thanks for the tag 🙂
    #2: I can totally see it!
    #7: What?! We can’t be friends. 😉
    #15: Amen.
    #24: Wow.
    #25: I moved across the world for it, so I guess I believe that, too! Where is your hubby from?

  3. OMG #13 – I was KICKED OUT of chorus in 5th grade because I can’t sing. I REFUSE to sing to this day. I hate it…

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