Breaking Bread

Kind of off-topic post, but interesting nonetheless for our foodies out there.

The New York Time’s food critic, Frank Bruni, wrote this blog post today, Our Nightly Bread, which explores a positive side to restaurants charging for bread and butter these days.

As someone who loves, loves, loves warm crusty bread dunked in deliciously-herbed olive oil at good Italian restaurants (but could easily pass it up if it’s sub-par) I thought it was worth sharing.

Take a read and let me know what you think about charging for bread during tough economic times.

As for me, I’d rather pay for it and get the good, good stuff, then see a stale, wasted basket taking up space on the table!

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bread

  1. Interesting article. I am also a huge fan of great, fresh made bread and look forward to meals at restaurants that have great bread. I would definitely be willing to pay for it at those places I know I am getting excellent quality, delicious bread. The bottomless bread basket can be a big problem for me. I sometimes have trouble stopping because I love it so much but having to pay for it would definitely help me control portions.

  2. I totally agree, Lara — it would keep a lot of people in line, probably! When we go to Texas Roadhouse, I never eat the buns (I honestly don’t like them) — but my husband eats two baskets alone! If he were paying for them, I’d gather he’d stop at one 🙂

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