April 13: 5 Years on WW

(Note: this post is set to go live on April 13; I will be in NJ over the weekend until Tuesday … so I will resume blogging Wednesday when I get back home to Michigan)

Five years ago today, I began my Weight Watchers journey. In a move very unlike me, I didn’t think about it, or over-analyze or pro-con-con-pro it … I literally just did it. After an uber indulgent weekend in NYC with my family, I signed up online and never looked back.

I had never “dieted” a day in my life, until April 13, 2004.

After losing 35 lbs in 8 months without really even trying, my weight stabalized and I maintained there about a year.

(Please don’t hate me that it worked the first time; I bet cutting out just my near-daily Mint Mocha and shortbread cookie from Caribou Coffee alone would have done the trick and lord knows my two Snapple a day habit wasn’t helping matters any!)

Then I gained a little, but more or less maintained there for another year.

Then I got married, moved to Michigan (which meant no more walking to the Metro), and in spite of my vigorous daily workouts and biking jaunts, my eating hasn’t been fantastic as of late and life has changed a ton and so, naturally (why am I surprised!?) I began the slow approximately 3-5-pound-a-year creep that has been plaguing me ever since.

I realize I have no one to blame but me; no one puts food into my mouth but me.

But you know what? I don’t want to blame myself today.

“Blame” solves nothing.

Instead, I would like to praise myself for having kept off about 20 of those 35 pounds, which took my from a size 14 at my “biggest” to a size 6 at my “smallest.” Even now at a comfortable size 8, I can still wear some of my 6s. And if I have to buy a 10 in one store and an 8 or 6 in another, so what?

I am expecting my body will change in the next year or so (if we’re successful in starting a family!) and I’d like to treat it like the gift that it is, the temple that it is.

My body has helped me see and experience the world.

It has carried me swimming off the coast of El Salvador; skiing and hiking and rapelling in the Andes; climbing Huayna Picchu in Peru; wandering the streets of Buenos Aires, Cuzco, La Paz, Oaxaca, Thessaloniki, Athens, Rome, Florence, Venice, Madrid and London; mountain biking through the rough terrain of El Salvador.

And hey, it’s allowed me to run a 5K last spring at a better pace than I had when I ran high school track! (Back then, I came in dead last, every race, every heat … no joke. But I ran!)

So today, I’d like to thank my body as a friend, not a foe. I’d like to appreciate it just as it is, not how it was or how it could be.

In this moment.

This means being kind and gentle towards my body — including fueling it well, banning chemical-infused Diet Coke, and continuining my strength/cardio sessions that make me feel so good.

So dear body, with your blue eyes, newly-cut auburn hair, long neck, strong shoulders, narrow waist, curvy hips, tight bum, thick legs, strong calves, painted toes … thank you … for you.

The same way I vowed November 18, 2006 to love and honor my husband in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, in life and in death … I’d like to honor my body, today.

Happy “anniversary,” self. πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “April 13: 5 Years on WW

  1. This post makes me VERY happy.

    Like the sign at my gym on your way out the door says:

    “Thank You.
    Love, Your Body”

  2. what a beautiful post. if your body is a temple, girl it must be bangin’! cuz the mind and soul inside that body is radiant.

  3. Happy anniversary, lovely L, and thank you yet again for an entry that makes me take a moment and be thankful for what I have rather than look at what I lack. Attitude is so key in how we see ourselves, our lives, and others, and it is truly humbling and inspiring that you are thanking your body for all that it has done and continues to do for live an enriching and meaningful life. As always, chin up! Continued health, love, success to you…and perhaps a baby in the near-future, too. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, and I’d like to apologize for omitting some words that should have been in one of the sentences I wrote in the above-comment to yesterday’s blog. It should have gone: “Attitude is so key in how we see ourselves, our lives, and others, and it is truly humbling and inspiring that you are thanking your body for all that it has done and continues to do for YOU TO live an enriching and meaningful life.” There, I feel better now. πŸ™‚ Once again, L., congrats. Treat yourself gently and kindly.

  5. Awesome post! I have recently been trying to “talk back” to the negative thoughts that have been in my mind almost my whole life! I have “you are beautiful” as the banner in my phone as encouragement and am just trying to stop bashing myself. Thanks for those great thoughts!

    ps. random, but are you in Kzoo?? I read a while back that you ate at Martini’s and I think that is the only one around here! If you are, we are neighbors! πŸ™‚

  6. Hi, I just landed on your blog and am inspired already by this post.
    Well written indeed. I’ve been in the same situation, yo-yoing between size 14-6 in the last few years. I’m now at 10-12 and am trying to lose a few more pounds.

    I will be sure to visit again…and hopefully read more good news about the expanding family plan. : – )

  7. Chrissy, I am in Portage – -close enough!! Too funny, small world!

    Hi Scoop and thanks for posting! LOL!!

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