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sf_oikos_page_headerThe good people over at Stoneyfield Organic made my day last week. A marketing contact, Krisitina, wrote me asking if I had tried their Oikos Greek yogurt.

She said she knew my blog wasn’t a food blog, but knew I liked to eat well and thought I might enjoy some coupons. Um, would I? Yes please!

So Kristina sent me a package that included info on Stoneyfield Farms, a reusable grocery bag, coupons to try their Oikos Greek yogurt — the only organic Greek yogurt on the market, and some coupons for their other yogurt.

I have always loved the fact that there’s no fake sugars or additives in these yogurts and I’ve often bought Stoneyfield Farms over other brands.

I’ve tried Oikos before, and since both my husband and I are huge fans of Greek yogurt, I was stoked to get four coupons for this particular brand of yogurt.

Unfortunately, the only store that sells Oikos here (the same health food store that sells PB Loco, as mentioned in Saturday’s post) carries only the vanilla and plain varieties (they also have blueberry and honey) and I’m not a fan of plain yogurt as a rule.

But I LOVE their fat-free vanilla and it rivals Chobani and Vosgos, my other two favorite brands — and has slightly fewer calories per serving (110 vs 120 or 130).

And at 15 grams of protein a serving, it’s a perfect snack — or meal with fruit and cereal or nuts. (Personally, I like it with strawberries and Kashi GoLean Crunch).

Anyway, if you like Greek yogurts like I do, I say give it a shot.

How about you? Have you jumped on the Greek yogurt bandwagon? Do you have a favorite brand or variety?


10 thoughts on “Oikos Goodness

  1. I LOVE Oikos! If Kristina is reading this…I really wish this product was sold in the UK! The only mainstream Greek yogurt brand here is Fage.

    Nice review. I eat Fage when I am here out of necessity but when I am back in the States I like Oikos and the Trader Joe’s brand.

  2. LOL Lara, I have to try the TJs brand next time I get out there.

    Lara, I tried Fage a few years ago and thought it was too tart, but it was my first Greek yogurt attempt. I am open to trying it again; it’s an acquired taste.

  3. I LOVE Greek yogurt. I get the Trader Joe’s stuff. I love the texture of it. I still like my regular yogurt too, but Greek is great. And the protein content is wonderful!

  4. I went from eating the junky “Light and Fit” yogurt to plain Greek yogurt. At first I had to add in a bit of sugar or honey to make it less tart but now I eat it straight and love it. The best tasting to me is the 2%, its better than the fat free and so yummy and filling. I find lowfat dairy products to taste so much better than fat free dairy products and the difference in cals/fat is pretty insignificant.

  5. I love the protein content. I had it this morning with Kashi GoLean Crunch and strawberries, and was fine til lunch 🙂 (I also had a T of PB this morning, my “get-moving” jump-start.

    Lara, I find those really sweet now after a couple weeks of being on the Greek yogurt train, but I have a couple that are about to expire — they make an ok snack, but not a meal.

    I think tomorrow I might have it with honey and almonds if I can get to the store tonight! Now that I’m journaling on Sparkpeople and not WW I am not as concerned about FF dairy. I have always liked skim milk, so I won’t change that up, but if my husband buys 2% cheddar, I’ll eat it. Or feta doesn’t have to be FF anymore for me.

  6. I can’t wait to try Oikos! I love Chobani, and I’ve heard they are similar. Greek yogurt just fills me up so much more. I tried having “regular” yogurt the other day and didn’t really like it. I’m officially ruined. 🙂

  7. Kristina at OIKOS is awesome, I got the coupons too! I like Oikis, not as much as Chobani but I like it enough to have just bought a bunch of them on my own 🙂

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