I’m always been an avid SELF reader and today at the gym I read an article, “Getting a Grip” in the new April issue that seemed to be written for me at this exact moment. Funny how that works, right?!

I can’t find the article online — grrrr. But I hope you can get a copy yourself, or maybe Monday I’ll try to scan it and post it — it’s a worthy read.

I’m not going to analyze it here — I welcome you to read it on your own and process it. It’s tennis star Monica Seles’ journey to realize that the ball is, indeed, in our own court. It’s well-written and really hammers home the message that we ARE in control of our own destinies.

I’ve had four days now of just feeling good. Empowered. And I hope the streak continues, because I believe it can.


12 thoughts on “SelfExpression

  1. Hey Melissa, this is the first time that I’ve visited your blog and I really enjoyed it. I have been dealing with my own food issues lately and have recently sought help from both a counsellor and a nutritionist. My counsellor thought that I should start a diary, but I kind of liked the idea of an anonymous blog. This way I can write what I’m feeling and maybe help others along the way. I have also been feeling extremely empowered lately, I have been eating properly and feeling good rather than anxious. I just started my blogging therapy, but feel free to check it out at Keep up the great work!

  2. Very cool, Dori!! I have seen that and always wanted to do it — but I don’t live in NY or any of the big cities they do it in.

    Hi LittleMissJay, and I am so glad you’re taking such positive steps in your recovery. Way to go!!! I’ll check it out!

  3. I really liked that article too. It really opened my eyes – it have never dawned on me how much professional athletes may struggle with weight and health.

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