Taking Bits of “Home,” Home

Me (and my sis's hand) w/ the goodies at Crumbs.
Me (and my sis's hand) w/the goodies at Crumbs.
“Home” to me is many places.

I grew up in rural northern N.J. I went to college and grad school in DC and spent several years there after school. I have lived in El Salvador and Argentina. And now for the past two and a half years, I’ve lived in Michigan.

This past weekend I went home to N.J. I was really bummed on the plane because the flight pattern we were on was putting the Manhattan skyline on the opposite side of the plane from where I could see, and that’s my favorite part about landing–seeing the skyline.

But it was as though someone was listening, because suddenly we looped around (over the water actually) and came in on an angle that gave me a breath-taking view of Manhattan on a clear, blue day. I could see the Statue of Liberty and the whole skyline to my right, and felt chills coarse through me as we gently bumped to our landing.

I had a wonderful time with my family, got to see my grandmother (who is out of the hospital) and my aunt (who is still in the hospital) as well as several family members I hadn’t seen in years.

I ate well, and in moderation. (I journaled after all; was feeling too chunky to skip it). I helped my mom make her famous meatballs and sauce one night, and we had chicken-feta-spinach stuffed chicken breasts another night. Delish!

I enjoyed treats in moderation each day: (a few too many!) mini black and white cookies, a (shared) slice of cheesecake, a (shared) cupcake at Crumbs, a phenomenal bakery near my sister’s apartment on the Upper East Side, and lots of dark chocolate goodies.

I have to say, it felt good to eat these treats and not spit them into a napkin. Novel concept, right!?

I was kind to my body. The first two days it was seriously too cold to run outside; the second two days were booked from morning til night. So I didn’t exercise at all except for walking around my sister’s neighborhood in NYC Sunday. (I’m not concerned; I know I’ll be back at the gym the rest of this week).

However, I got plenty of exercise later that night. I ended up literally running through the Detroit airport in boots with heels, and weighed down with luggage in a (futile) attempt to make my connecting flight … and then, stressed and bored and not wanting to sit down after sitting so much, I walked around for another 90 min. until my rebooked flight was ready to take off.

(Truth be told, though I had been totally clean the whole trip, I did a little chew-and-spit at the airport. Not proud of it, but it was totally stress-induced and I knew it and just didn’t have the energy to fight it).

I am so glad I decided to bring some tastes of “home” home. In my bag: mini black-and-whites, plus two salt bagels for me (well, I ate most of the first one Sunday when it was fresh!) and two everything bagels for my hubby, plus my mom’s meatballs and sauce for dinner Tuesday (hubby has class Mondays) and leftovers for lunches. MMMM …

All in all, it was a fantastic trip home, time well spent with my family. I’m only sorry I didn’t have just one more day … but isn’t that what we always say after a vacation?!

How about you? What is your favorite food from home?

9 thoughts on “Taking Bits of “Home,” Home

  1. Sounds amazing!! It is good for our bodies to eat those yummy treats every once in awhile and you did it in moderation! Congrats!
    I want to hear about the PIZZA though!! Did you get to eat any of that? I know how delish NY pizza is because all of my indirect family lives in NY!! YUM YUM!

  2. Welcome back! Can you believe I’ve lived in NJ my whole life and have never enjoyed a cupcake from Crumbs? Its a crime, I know.

    It sounds like you had some delicious treats – without the guilt! That’s so great. As for my favorite food from home, I’d have to say it’s probably a baked good since my mother’s a phenomenal baker. She makes an excellent German Chocolate cake. Then again, her chicken parm is delicious too….

  3. I’m glad you had a good trip home! It’s so nice to spend quality family time like that, surrounded by loved ones and good company.

    Sorry to hear about your chew/spit incident at the airport, but it sounds like the rest of your trip went wonderfully. The fact that you enjoyed those foods at home without chewing and spitting…that is huge.

    My favorite food from home…hmmm, it would have my grandma’s homemade sugar cookies. I make them and they’re good – but not at all the same! 🙂

  4. Thanks girls!! I had one bite of pizza Sat. afternoon (I wasn’t hungry) and had planned to take the rest home but my mom made a good point that the pizza would get soggy and nasty by the time I got back … so I’d planned to get some at the airport but I was so melancholy about leaving, that I honestly didn’t get any. I am going back in two weeks for work though, so I will be sure to have some then! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great trip home! My favorite food from home would have to be pizza from a places called Vince’s. I used to go every Friday Night with my family. It is seriously the most delicious pizza ever! I was home this weekend but did not get any. I had sushi instead 🙂

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