Barney Butter Review

So my much-anticipated Barney Butter package (chunky and creamy) came via UPS and I test-drove a sample of both yesterday upon their arrival.

First, I tried a teensy taste of the chunky (what was stuck to the interior seal) and it’s really chunky and really flavorful!! Definitely a different taste than my usual Krema all-natural peanut butter … it’s a little salty, and a little sweet. But it stands alone and could be a good alternative from my PB.

The creamy Barney Butter is definitely sweeter — which I have little mini 90-cal packs of now. I think it will taste good swirled in my oats or on fruit, but frankly, it tasted pretty good by itself here at my desk!!

Almond butter has less saturated fat than peanut butter, and so I think it’ll be a nice change-up. I am keeping the mini packs at my desk for a low-carb, pre-gym boost.

Thanks to Heather at HangryPants for the special free-shipping offer!

How about you? Do you have a favorite nut butter, or are nut butters a trigger food for you?

9 thoughts on “Barney Butter Review

  1. I used to eat better’n’ peanut butter, basically diet Pb….when i was sick. Now, i cant even look at PICTURES OF IT!!! yuck, glue.

  2. OMG that stuff is NASTY ….I have eaten it, and the PB2 stuff, too. SOOOOOOO gross– a POWDER PB. I can totally handle PB now but a couple years ago, it wasn’t so easy. 🙂

  3. I LOVE almond butter. I buy the Trader Joe’s raw, creamy almond butter. It is delicious and good price. I heard the WF one was great but haven’t tried it yet. I always have a jar of natural almond and natural peanut butter in the house and it is not a trigger for me. I measure out 1-2 TBSP (weighed on the scale because spooning nut butter often results in much more than intended since it is so dense) and am good with that.

    Almonds are so healthy seems sort of a shame to add sugar and oil to them the way BB does.

  4. Hi Lara, thanks for the weighing reminder; I’ll be honest — I still don’t weigh my PB. But I do make sure it’s a clean, level T or 1/2 T. I got a new flavor: PB Loco’s White Choc Rasp — SINFUL!!

    I didn’t know BB added oil and sugar til after I ordered them, but I like them just fine. I don’t see myself ordering it again.

  5. I have to say I’m super jealous of you! And everyone else in the food/health blog world. I live in Canada and can’t find BB anywhere. I love the idea of the individual packs, so easy to carry and store. I’ll definitely have to make sure I pick up some when in the states next!

  6. Yay for Barney Butter – my favorite! So glad you liked the crunchy – I’m a bit obsessed with it. I also LOVE Naturally Nutty’s vanilla almond butter…any nut butter really. Love them all! I go through a jar a week. Definitely getting in my good fats. 🙂

  7. Yea, I am a crunchy gal with nut butters. Vanilla almond! SWOON. I want to make those banana/BB cookies HangryPants made! YUM.

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