Jumping on the Barney Butter Bandwagon

barneybutter-701788In my attempt to add more health fat to my diet, I’ve ordered what the blogosphere (ok, what foodie/fitness bloggers) raves about: Barney Butter.

Apparently this is like “the” nirvana of all nut butters. Heather at HeatherEatsAlmondButter is always talking about it. So are Jenna at EatRunLive and Lee at FortheLoveofPeanutButter.

If these girls swear by it, I figured it was worth a shot.

And Heather over at HangryPants just tried it out, and she even scored a deal for her readers! (free shipping if you use the code “HangryPants!”)

I have no idea what it’s going to taste like, and it won’t arrive til late next week but I’m super-stoked to try it out.

I ordered the Chunky kind (I prefer chunky PB so I figured I’d also prefer chunky almond butter) and three six-packs of the smooth almond butter in single-serve, 90-cal, portion-control packets that DON’T require a spoon or a knife.

Will report back once they arrive. I’m already getting excited — new food finds are almost as exciting to me as buying a hot new top or pair of jeans or shoes.

And I love a bargain, so thanks for the discount, Heather!

How about you? Have you tried Barney Butter? Are you in love? Like? Obsessed?


14 thoughts on “Jumping on the Barney Butter Bandwagon

  1. I sent my mom on an errand to Fresh Market to get me a jar! If she can’t find it, then I’m ordering some. I do love almond butter, almost as much as cashew butter…which is pretty much crack.

  2. Heather, that recipe looked amazing! 🙂

    We don’t have Fresh Market here — such a bummer!!! I’ve never tried cashew butter, but it’s the only nut I don’t like (ok, I don’t like pistachio either) so I wouldn’t probably try it. I’m relatively new to almond butter- had the Justin’s brand a few times.

  3. I can’t wait to hear your review on this! I’m a HUGE pb fan and would love to try something new. I’ve also been curious about almond butter but for some reason never took the plunge and bought it. Almonds are my favorite nut!

  4. If you have a Whole Foods near you I suggest trying their chunky almond butter, it is really really good. I am curious about Barney Butter but don’t like that they add in sugar and oil 😦

  5. Lara, I’m picking my husband up from a school thing in Ann Arbor Sat. evening and they have Whole Foods out there — I will check it out. I didn’t realize they add sugar and oil! I hope I still like it.

  6. Hi Melissa, check out Trader Joe’s crunchy iunsalted almond butter the next time you’re in Ann Arbor (or anywhere there’s a TJ’s). It’s the best, (the only ingredient is almonds), and cheaper than Whole Paycheck’s!

  7. hahahah, girl!!! I ordered mine share as well with the HangryPants code!! 🙂 I have tried chunky before, which is so good. It is delciously gourmet–huge chunks of real almonds!! ahhhhhh!!! i also ordered smooth though-which i am super excited to try.

    i think u’ll like it-just b/c its so sweet and so salty-its a feel-good food for sure!!!

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