Fat Update

So I did wake and eat Friday night (even with the added fats) but I didn’t wake and eat Saturday or Sunday. And both days I made sure I had plenty of good fat. Huzzah!

Heather at Heather Eats Almond Butter asked in the comments section if we would have such a negative connotation of the word if we said “lipid” vs. “fat.” Good question.

I remember “lipid” from high school chem classes, but I think she might have been on to something!

How about you? Do you get hung up on the word “fat” even when it’s addressing good fats that our body needs vs. saturated fat?

11 thoughts on “Fat Update

  1. For some reason, I’ve never had a problem with fats. I mean the only kind I eat are the “good” ones-pb, nuts, omega-3’s, olive oils…etc. But I just know that fats are one of the components of a meal that REALLY keep me full. So I embrace them!

  2. CRAP, let me attribute it to you, I thought it was Heather from HP!! OOps. Correction coming 🙂

    Good for you, Jen!

  3. No worries – I’m just glad you are spreading the word. Fats are not evil, and they will not make us fat! Excess calories and a lot of sugar will do that. Our bodies need fat to function. Fat-free and low-fat obsessions get carried way too far. Don’t fear the fat people. Eat that almond butter! 🙂

  4. I just tried almond butter recently — got some single-serve packets of Justin’s Nut Butters (maple or cinnamon almond — I forget which) but LOVED it!!! I need to find a chunky almond butter — any recs?! I like/prefer chunky PB.

  5. So true, Missy. I just went to a health food store at lunch (we don’t have TJs or Whole Foods here) and I got ground flaxmeal since I was almost out, and walnuts to add to my oats in the a.m.

  6. I think this translates over into the way we describe our bodies, too. I have a friend who, when she gains weight, NEVER calls herself fat; she says “I’m getting bigger” or “I’ve gotten squishier lately.” For some reason this seems so much less threatening than “Ugh I’m getting so FAT.”

  7. Such a good point, FitForFree. I really like her approach! I like to say lately I’m “softening up” because it sounds feminine and pretty. Bony isn’t cute or sexy. Curvy hips are ok, ya know? 🙂

  8. Fat is such a loaded word in our society. Through my treatment, from dieticians and therapists, it’s been reinforced (and I’ve been convinced – a big mind shift) that fat is needed in your diet. Healthy fat that is and of course, not tons and tons. I like what my therapist called it it’s a satiety nutrient. Fat helps us feel full, also stuff like olives and olive oil adds great taste to food. I’ve been trying (though it’s hard) to remember that’s it’s about keeping me full and making food taste good, it’s not just empty calories like the word “fat” implies.

    Keep at it!

  9. I like that way of looking at it: a satiety nutrient. It is totally true, Leila! I’ve noticed just in the past few days of eating walnuts, flaxmeal, focusing on EVOO and also my PB, that I feel more sated after a meal.

    It’s noon, breakfast was at 8, and I am just starting to feel hungry — I say that’s a good thing!

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