Snowed In

I usually don’t post on the weekends, but I’m snowed in, so … what the heck!?

Some of you might know from previous posts that we live in Michigan. This means that from about November until April, we’re inundated with these three words: “lake effect snow.”

On work mornings where it’s snowed overnight, my husband (bless him!) goes out and snowblows the driveway and sidewalk so we can get to work, while I do my hair, get ready, etc.

But on weekends, like today (and last night) I’ve taken to volunteering to shovel. Sure it takes longer, but I’ve discovered it’s a kick-arse cardio and strength workout, especially with the amount of snow we’ve had. And it’s completely silent when it’s snowing — there’s something very peaceful about it.

I used to not think snow-shoveling could be a workout … if I wasn’t sweating at the gym I didn’t consider it “work”.

Then last winter I started shoveling to help out (before we got a snowblower) and realized just how awesome it really is. In fact, I wore my Polar F6 (I call her Cora, she’s pink) out there for 45 min. last night and again today … and loved that I zapped 300 calories … and didn’t need to be at the gym to do it!

I could feel my back and thigh muscles working harder than they do when I usually work out, and I had broken a sweat under my North Face fleece (and two other layers), despite it only being 21 degrees outside.

If you want the absolute truth, I was feeling a bit of cabin fever and had to move, do something. I had cleaned all morning and was trying to just relax and watch TV, but I just wasn’t finding peace in relaxing. Hubby is upstairs studying, and the roads are craptastic so going to the gym wasn’t likely. But I found this workout in my own front yard, literally.

Anyway, I’m happy that I did something active … and didn’t go crazy to get to the gym in this weather.

The snow’s supposed to taper off later this afternoon. I hope so — we have dinner plans tonight with friends and I’m looking forward to it! We’re going to a Mediterranean restaurant (my fave!) so I’ll be having my EVOO for sure 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. Good post. I did a post on exercise not having to be “exercise” a while back.. I built a flagstone path and it kicked my arse too. It was definitely a workout. Thanks

  2. That’s great that you were able to get a nice workout outside of the gym! I know even when I am walking in the mall, I still feel anxiety that it is not the gym. I a looking to get a PolarF7 this week so I think it will help a lot! What do you think of yours?

  3. Yea it’s hard not to think of those things as exercise, but they so are! My muscles are killing me today!!

    LOL Mara — it sucks!

    Thanks Missy. I LOOOOVE my Polar F6. It’s the best thing I ever did for myself fitness-wise. It’s like a personal trainer. Sometimes I do get hung up — like I HAVE to burn that exact 500 — 486 wouldn’t be ok — but most days, I just aim for a round 100 — 400, 500, 600. I like to earn APs even if I don’t eat them and it’s every 100 cals burned = 1 AP so I do try to end on an even number. Because it’s tied to your actual body, it is wayyyy more accurate than those machines. Hope you get one!!

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