An Unhealthy Obsession With ReddiWhip

fat_free1Oh ReddiWhip, (of the fat-free variety) how I love thee … let me count the ways!

This stuff is seriously crack to me. It’s addictive, versatile, and so damn good.

When I’m on my game, can I go through a can every three days, no joke. It’s supposed to serve 40 people at 5 calories a serving … but I eat it in three days; 1-2 pts a day … sigh. (The whole can is 200 calories).

I eat it on top of a 1/2 T of chunky PB — so delicious. Dolloped over ff/sf cocoa — so creamy. Or even squirted straight from the can — so rebellious.

(My dad taught me that lovely habit; when my siblings and I were little kids he’d squirt whipped cream into our mouths and we’d try to see who could fit the most without laughing and spitting it all over the place — ah, memories … Thanks, Dad, LOL).

Anyhoo … I seriously can’t get enough of the stuff.

I know it’s full of chemicals (no sugar substitutes but plenty of chemicals). I know it has no nutritional value, but it does spice up some of my favorite things.

Before many trips to the grocery store I have told myself I wouldn’t buy it. Didn’t write it on the list. But I always seem to find it in my grocery cart … and then our fridge … and then the can’s in my hand and there’s no begging for mercy. My husband is grossed out by it, so it’s only me consuming the can of fat-free fluff.

My conclusion: I think I need to ban it entirely. Not because it’s particularly unhealthy — it’s actually not that bad for me calorie-wise, in moderation. But if it’s there, I eat it. It’s a crutch, and the fact that I think I abuse it says a lot.

It’s something to “fill up on” for few calories … empty calories.

But above all, it’s an expensive habit to have. (A can is usually $2.49 and I can spend my money in better ways — like good dark chocolate!)

And so … I think after the two cans in my fridge are gone, I’ll be bidding adieu to my favorite treat. For a little while, at least.

How about you? Is there a food on your radar these days with whom you’ve developed an unhealthy relationship? Did you ban it entirely?


9 thoughts on “An Unhealthy Obsession With ReddiWhip

  1. How about going through a can in 2 days? I have an unhealthy obsession with it too! For a while I bought it because I told myself that topping my yogurt with it would be a better substitution for ice cream. I only stopped buying it because the places I shop (Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, local grocery store) doesn’t carry it and since I started work, I don’t have time to go to the stores that do have it. Thank goodness!

  2. I’m a huge believer in NOT completely banning anything… banning a food gives it power over me, and seriously, its JUST food. For me, my food like your reddi whip is dark chocolate. Whatever is there, I will eat in 2-3 days. Maybe try just NOT putting it on a few things?

  3. Hey Fays, I’m sure I’ve done that too 🙂 I think 3 was the AVERAGE 🙂 I soo wish we had TJs and WF here but we don’t — so it’s at pretty much every store I shop in. That said, I can make a concerted effort not to buy it.

    Hey Mara, I am with you on most things — except triggers. In those cases it’s better for me to not have it here at all — if it’s not here, I can’t have it. Won’t have it. I am one of those people that flourishes with rules and I think it’s time to finish these two cans and be done with FF ReddiWhip for a bit 😉

    I do LOVE dark chocolate … mmmm! And I don’t abuse chocolate — I think b/c my mentality is “well, I know calorically it’s dense. Whereas I can eat a LOT of FF ReddiWhip for 200 calories!” It isn’t right, but it has been my mindset.

    But for this year, I really want to focus away from the fake stuff and though this isn’t fake sugar, it is all chemicals and it bloats me, too — all that gas going into your tummy when you eat it, esp from the can! Can’t be healthy …

  4. i have tooootally been getting into reddi wip too. and that is too funny about having it on pb – because that thought actually crossed my mind but i wasn’t too sure about it. i guess it is a good combo huh! =)

    i think it may be the convenience of it too? just sitting there on the fridge door and all you have to do is spray~ thankfully i haven’t gone overboard with it but i def. have my phases!

    i agree with you that sometimes its just better NOT to have it at all. -not banning yourself from it entirely, but just taking away the possibility of overdoing it. and it just takes the temptation away entirely.

  5. Today is National Whipped Cream Day, too, according to HungryGirl!! Oy.

    Oh yes, it’s totally the convenience. On my chunky all-natural PB it reminds me of my favorite sundae as a kid — the Happy Ending Reese’s PB Cup sundae at Friendley’s 😉

    But I won’t be buying any more this week. I’ve plowed through the one can and the second is about to be done by tomorrow or so.

  6. Hey Lee, I don’t eat a lot of them — I never add Splenda to stuff or anything — but I do eat some foods that are “fake” … I know it’s better to eat real things but it’s like that “circle” I talked about a few weeks back — how you start dieting and replace foods you like with low-fat varieties for less points, then realize those things help you feel normal maybe but you might overeat them, so you end up back at square one, just eating a lot less of the real stuff.

    I wouldn’t make fat-free brownies, but I’m ok with FF pudding, ya know? So I am not all or nothing when it comes to nutrition, though I sort of wish I was!!

  7. It start innocent enough: a squirt now and then. Now I can eat three large cans in a day! I traded a potato chip addiction for this. LOL

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