Awesome Interview with Dr. Judith Beck

Crabby McSlacker over at Cranky Fitness recently interviewed one of my heroes, Dr. Judith Beck, author of The Beck Diet Solution.

Her father, Dr. Aaron Beck, is the man behind cognitive behavioral therapy, and she applies the methods to weight loss in her book The Beck Diet Solution (which I’ve yapped about plenty here on my blog).

The phrases “Giving Credit” and “Flex Your Resistance Muscle/No Choice”that I’ve used here come from her lessons.

Because CBT is part of my own therapy journey, I’m especially interested in what Beck has to say, and will be purchasing her new book when it comes out.

Check out the awesome interview here.

4 thoughts on “Awesome Interview with Dr. Judith Beck

  1. Thanks for mentioning the interview! (You would have probably done a MUCH better job of it, having actually worked with her plan before.) But I’ve been a follower of her father’s work as well–and I do believe CBT is one of the best approaches out there.

  2. My pleasure!! And I think you did a fab job interviewing her! I do love CBT — I’m a work in progress, and it’s helping me get there.

  3. Ok… so this is kinda cool.

    I just did a post on Cognitive Therapy and the fact I am commencing reading Feeling Good by Dr. Burns (based on work done by Dr. A. Beck) and I trip accross your thread on CT being applied to body image.

    I was just telling my wife about how compelling the book is and that in the foreword, it talks about how CT has been effective for people with Body Image issues…. like my wife.

    Will print the interview and pass along to her.


    Ciao. Chaz

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