“Meet Your Body Where It Is”

benefits_of_yoga_health_and_wellness_dominic_gaziano1I thought I’d share this inspirational quote today in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

I found it in Courtney Martin’s book, Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters, which I finished this past weekend and probably will be talking about quite a bit going forward.

The quote was in relation to one young woman suffering with an eating disorder who finally one day snapped (in a good way) and “woke up” during a yoga class when the instructor shared those six small words with such ginormous meaning.

“Meet your body where it is”

What do you interpret this to mean? For me, it’s like this: instead of berating it for letting you down on a scale or size of jeans, meet your body where it is in the here and now.

Instead of fretting over having eaten too much pumpkin pie, you meet your body where it is and accept the indulgence, moving on tomorrow.

Rather than getting upset that all you had time for this weekend was a walk after dinner, you meet your body where it is and thank your legs for carrying you those two miles.

Thank your biceps for being able to lift that heavy turkey or set up those tables. Thank your brain for being able to process “I’m past full now!” Thank your calves for helping you reach that top china cabinet without needing a ladder. Thank your eyes for giving you the ability to see everyone around you. And thank your heart for letting love in … and for being able to emit it just the same.

I think a positive quote like this is what we all need to hear — whether you struggle with disordered eating or not — before a big holiday.

Times like these are about family, friends and loved ones. Being together. Reminiscing and planning for future fun. They’re not meant to be spent obsessing over getting in that workout or eating perfectly clean the whole time.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (the more I repeat it, the more I believe it: “Life’s meant to be lived.”

Let’s live a little. And leave those negative thoughts outside; they have no place in our minds.

How about you? How can you meet your body where it is? And what are you thankful for?

Blog note: (I’ll be on hiatus til Monday, December 1). See you then, and have a safe, happy and healthy holiday. We can dish when we’re all back!!


16 thoughts on ““Meet Your Body Where It Is”

  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    For me, meeting my body where it is means truly accepting that I am not the 128-lb girl who ran a marathon in 2001. I am a 195-lb woman who needs to walk before she runs again!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    I’m working on accepting my body for what it is… though I would LIKE to lose more weight, I’m realizing I look and feel pretty darn good right as I am!

  3. For me, meeting my body where it is means choosing clothes that fit me right now, so that I can look – and feel – my best every day. I may not be the size or weight that I’d like to be, but I certainly don’t want to make my body look worse than it should!

    It also means embracing my curves and knowing that my boyfriend thinks I’m beautiful and sexy even when I don’t.

    I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I also do a little routine with myself when I look in a mirror and don’t like how my body looks – I usually let out a big sigh of dissatisfaction, but then I tell myself that the only thing I can do is do my best today to improve and change the things I don’t like, and then I stop fussing in the mirror. It doesn’t help to obsess over it.

    This was yet another fabulous post! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

  4. That’s so true, Auntie — it’s about embracing ourselves as we are in the here and now. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Great attitude!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I think for me it’s taking one step at a time toward meeting my body. One step now is realizing I am teh only one with hang ups on how I look, because no one else cares if I lose another pound or gain back 5.

  6. Wow, this post is flabbergasting. Seriously, this is SO beautiful. Awesome job!!!

    “meet your body where it is”–perfect!!!!

  7. Thanks Liz! I sent your post to the woman whose story that is and told her how thankful I was for her bravery to tell it. I’m glad it meant something to you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Great post as always Liss! So true, and something that we can all use a reminder on.

    I am actually feeling healthy and good today now that I am in the 3rd week of serious marathon training. Sure, I still don’t like my stomach fat/apple shape, but nowdays when I look in the mirror I see my strong legs that enable me to run for miles instead!! Of course, the fact that all this running is getting my weight back into my “safe” zone doesn’t hurt either!

    Hope you are having a great thanksgiving weekend and I look forward to hearing about it all on Dec. 1!!


  9. So happy to hear it Courtney!! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Katie!! And Yasmin, that is awesome — look at you go!! You’re rocking it!! love hearing it!!

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