Making Peace With Triggers

Is there a former-trigger food you’ve since made peace with and can have in your home or at your office?

Cold cereal — healthy ones, in particular — used to be my biggest downfall. I used to have major problems with both Kashi Go-Lean Crunch and Barbara’s cinnamon Puffins (the best cereal — EVER).

My midnight incidents in D.C. often included Puffins or Kashi. Especially Puffins, with their cinnamony goodness.

At 100 calories per 2/3 c., I could easily have made a healthy snack … but I’d have two servings at 3:00 a.m. Not exactly conducive to a successful weight loss strategy.

In fact, remember one day I had Puffins for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner … nine servings (the small box) eaten in one day!! That’s a LOT of fiber, and let’s just say my stomach hated me.

But when I moved to Michigan, I couldn’t find Puffins anywhwere except this one pricey health food store — so it was easy to resist purchasing them.

And I just didn’t buy Kashi products often once I moved — or if I did, they sat on top of my fridge for a long time, untouched. Not because I didn’t like them — I do — but because the allure was gone over time. I didn’t “need” the crutch.

It’s as though, over time, I’d made peace with these cinnamony pillows (Puffins) and crunchy whole grain clusters (Kashi Go-Lean Crunch).

I realized that not having them around had actually desensitized me to them. I can now eat a single serving and be fine. The realization was quite a shocker.

In fact, on my way back from Detroit, I stopped at Trader Joe’s (which has good prices) and bought a box of cinnamon Puffins and have had exactly two servings in two days — measured. No trigger, no remorse!

I can only hope that my comfort levels with these two former triggers remains.

How about you? Have you made peace with a trigger food?

11 thoughts on “Making Peace With Triggers

  1. Not yet! But I hope to soon…I also love healthy cold cereals! I could eat a whole box of unfrosted shredded wheat–who else can say that! Usually I get weird faces from people when they even see me eating it! I’m working on the mental side of this whole weight loss journey…and it truly is a journey!

  2. LOL — I know, isn’t it weird what can become a trigger? It ties into emotional/mindless eating for me. It truly is a journey!

  3. haha
    i did the same thing with granola cereals with dried fruits and nuts this weekend. The whole box was gone in 2 days, i was craving those cereals for a long time, so now that it’s done, i don’t feel like i need to buy another box. 😛

    Most of the time, i chose my trigger foods. Like, if i’ve been craving brownies for a long time, i buy a box on friday, eat them all in the weekend, and after, i’m good for the week without craving anything. Not a very healthy habit, but it works for me. I try to find something different every weekend, so i can satisfy my urges to eat “unhealthy” food.

    I didnt figure out what this weekend will be yet lol 😉

  4. Nikita, too funny!! Different things work for different people, so congrats on finding a “technique” that works for you 🙂 Let us know when you decide on this weekend’s “splurge.”

    I would like to say I am completely “over” candy corn, but I still have one more little bag in hiding — after it’s gone, that’s IT. Til next year 🙂

  5. i have a question. do you think when you “binged” on the cereal at 3am it was because you were hungry? were you consuming enough calories during the day? were you really hungry or just mindlessly eating? Please respond, i am in recovery from an eating disorder as well and this question would help me.

  6. Hi Lee, I got your email too and will respond but I’ve posted quite a bit about midnight eating … in the beginning I DO think it was related to not eating enough. Then it became habitual, where I’d be on autopilot whether hungry or not. And now … it’s usually tied to my menstrual cycle — I’m CRAVING the carbs. I would recommend eating more during the day. You probably aren’t consuming enough, esp. if you exercise regularly like I do. Good luck …

  7. I every once in a while will buy a trigger food (and I have many) to see if I am yet de-sensitized to find out I am not. I can eat an entire box of cold cereal in a night, an entire jar of peanut butter, an entire pint of ice cream (probably more if I bought more at a time), an entire container of frosting, etc…
    But I am still battling. Hopefully someday soon, like before my boyfriend moves in with me and wants to bring in chips, candy and cereal or wlese I will eat all his food, lol.

  8. OMG cereal is totally my trigger food too! Love it! But I take issue with the concept of cold cereal being “healthy”. VERY VERY few are (as in – maybe 1 or 2 I can name!). I think we have to all be honest with ourselves – even cereals marketed as healthy are essentially overprocessed carbs and some have the added benefit of being sugary crap (and lets not forget all the added “healthy” dried fruits, raisins, etc….which are almost totally sugar). And as for the Puffins (I love them too!) lets face it, they have so much sugar and processed carbs – they are really dessert masquerading as breakfast – this is NOT healthy breakfast food! I noticed you have them for dessert – that is what I do! Right on! And after a meal it is MUCH harder to binge on them…..
    The same goes btw for any flavored yogurt out there – its basically dessert.

  9. Hi Alisa, while I agree with you that none of those cereals were really healthy I do think Kashi or Puffins are better for us than Lucky Charms would be. But like you said, I often have them for dessert.

  10. Cold cereal is by far my biggest trigger food. And PUFFINS, oh god. My cereal of choice. I just do not ever, ever buy cereal anymore. If I stay somewhere where there is cereal I either have to resist having any at all or else I find myself in the kitchen at midnight, C/S or binging… So no, I have not made peace. In addition to Go-Lean Crunch is Kashi Heart to Heart. Danger, danger.

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