Fasting: Getting in Touch with Hunger Queues

So I fasted successfully today.

I am hoping the experience will help me reset my hunger queues, and help me see that I will not die of hunger if I don’t eat the second I feel hungry.

As a disordered eater, one would think a self-imposed fast (even for religious reasons) would be detrimental to my progress. But I think it served me the opposite.

Today, I surprised myself when I listened to what my body was telling me. For example, I didn’t feel my first hunger pang until about noon. And then by 2:30, they dissipated entirely. Around 4:30 I felt some more pangs, and tried to nap — genuinely feeling weak. I honestly don’t know how people starve themselves every day.

And by the time it actually was time to eat, I really wasn’t hungry at all. I felt cleansed both mentally and spiritually, and felt like food might corrupt that or something.

But logically, I knew I had prepared a nice dinner for my husband and I, and wanted to break-the-fast for that reason. Because it’s all about balance.

The no-drinking part was the hardest for me, as it always is. It was also pretty hard to core apples for homemade applesauce and not snag a slice. But in reality, it was a fairly easy fast.

The sun dipped behind the clouds around 7:20… and water had never tasted so good!

Dinner was salad, Core meat sauce, whole wheat pasta and green beans. Earlier this afternoon I’d put apples in the crockpot with a little cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar and the “apple sauce” came out absolutely perfect. (I love apple pie filling but hate crust — this was HEAVEN for me). I served the apples over light vanilla ice cream. It was perfect.

In all, I ate only 12 points today, but I’m ok with that — yesterday I’d had 27 points, and it’s not like I was deliberately trying to starve. I just couldn’t fit anything else, and didn’t need to eat if I am full just to meet my daily target of 20 points.

Actually, my stomach really hurts from having eaten “so much” at once. And I think had I had a lighter, smaller dinner, I’d have only ended up noshing the night away…so it was the better option to enjoy a real meal.

I’m satisfied and happy, proud for having made it through yet another Yom Kippur fast. I hope to keep some of the tools in my toolbox.

How about you? If you fasted, how did it go?

9 thoughts on “Fasting: Getting in Touch with Hunger Queues

  1. Being LDS (Mormon), I know exactly what you mean. Once a month we abstain from food and drink for 24 hours. This fasting has two purposes: to help us focus on spiritual matters and also we donate the money we would have spent on food to the poor so it helps us focus on serving others. i have found, like you, that I often get a little nervous before the fast starts but once I’m into it, it feels all right. Hunger is not an emergency. And I think it really does reset your hunger signals and help you feel closer to God.

    PS> You are so right about the water!!

  2. Thanks, Charlotte!

    SOOOOOOOOO easy.

    10 apples, sliced or chunked (I used apples with skin–fiber)
    1/3 c sugar (could have used less, recipe called for 1/2-1 c)
    cinnamon/nutmeg to taste
    sprinkle of brown sugar
    1/2 c water
    I added some raisins, too.

    Cook on high for 3-4 hours, stir at the end, and the apples will be soft and turn into a chunky sauce as you stir.

    Basically it was a healthier, less-sweet PIE filling — my fave! 🙂

  3. I am Catholic and the only fasting we do is during Lent, only on Good Friday and Ash Wednesday. I have to say, it’s not nearly as trying as what you have to do! Our version is just eating a very small bfast and lunch (combined they should make a “normal” sized meal), and a “normal” sized dinner. And no snacking. This is hard enough for me….I can’t imagine all day! I had to fast one time for surgery in the afternoon and was SO grouchy. 🙂 That is awesome you pulled through – I know it must be an amazing feeling!

  4. Thanks, Hollly!! It did feel good. And it felt good to feel genuine hunger again today at meal-times. I need to keep that feeling going; it’s ok to be a little hungry.

  5. Hi Randa, I love what you have done with your theme. Your dluboe side bar is so neat and everything just works! I’m slightly perplexed by your “Share” links appearing twice underneath each post, but overall I really like the simplicity plus the well thought out layout. I look forward to reading more, expecially in such a nice atmosphere.

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