Comfort in Numbers
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“Good food and good friends make the world go round.”

I don’t know who said that, but I feel like I’ve heard it before and I dig it.

I’m in Chicago for work this week. Last night, I went to dinner with two wonderful friends — one of whom I met through Weight Watchers Online and have become incredibly close with over the years, and one of her best friends from college (also on WW), whom I adore.

We went to FlatTop Grill, one of those places where you pick your own veggies and meat and make stir-fry. It was delicious, and as always, we had a blast. Afterwards, we continued our gab-session over fat-free frozen yogurt at Treats. A great night out in the city with girlfriends and a perfect, low-calorie (but delicious) way to cap off the evening.

It was so wonderful to hang out with friends who understand Weight Watchers and live it — but don’t obsess over it. It’s such a healthy environment for me to be in, because they both demonstrate a really balanced relationship with food, one I’m still struggling to attain.

And I am grateful to have friends like them who can empathize if my “dry” egg-white omelet comes out doused in oil … and would understand why I’d send it back. Indeed, there is a shared understanding among us that comes from having changed our lifestyles thanks to Weight Watchers … a common thread of “comfort in numbers.”

On the flip-side, I’m equally lucky to also have friends who just enjoy food, with no recognizable emotional attachment to it. They help ground me, even though they probably don’t know it!

It’s the best of both worlds to have foodie friends, as I truly enjoy food and the experience of dining out. I much prefer going out to eat than to the bar scene, and so do most of my friends. And as I’ve come more into my own the last decade or so, the closest friendships I’ve developed are with women who enjoy sharing a good slice of cheesecake or sipping a mocha.

I’ve essentially found friends like me, and for that I’m blessed. In fact, I can’t think of a single close friend of mine with whom I haven’t savored a good meal with.

It’s a comfort in numbers thing, having friends that truly understand your struggles … as well as friends who might not understand exactly, but are there to support you, or can help you see that a bite of pizza is just that: a bite of pizza, not a crisis or catastrophe.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, and good friends and good food are a huge part of that equation.

How about you? Are your friends foodies, too? Do you tend to befriend people who share your passion for food?

One thought on “Comfort in Numbers

  1. That’s awesome that you have such Weight Watcher friendly friends! That’s always a big help! Although my friends are all supportive of me in whatever I do, they’re not exactly the most WW friendly bunch of people! We’re in college—it’s a way of life to eat junk and drink too much! It’s what college students DO! So it is sometimes really hard for me to try and lose this weight with so many temptations around. I want so bad to just eat “normal” like all of them! But on the other hand I’m sick of being the “fat roommate” or at least feeling like it…and I know what i need to do to lose the weight…now I just need to turn all my talk into ACTION! Tomorrows a brand new day…and tonight was a rough night!!

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