Love for Food > Love of Loss

I just don’t feel the same love for weight loss I felt four and a half years ago.

Like a love affair gone bad, I don’t get the tingles anymore when I think of losing. My mojo is kaput! Right now, my heart hasn’t been into it, plain and simple.

Actually, who am I kidding? For the past year I’ve not lost… just yo-yoed the same pounds. And I am starting to “feel” the weight spreading on my hips, my midsection widening (which very well could be my period coming today, making me “feel” fat).

This weekend I was sick … and still ate. It wasn’t bingeing, but I still ate. Anyone else might have been able to capitalize on the lack of hunger … not me! I like food … like my dad teases, I was born hungry.

The thing is, I don’t want to settle where I am (I’m still aiming for my goal by the end of the year), but I am still eating too much to lose — even if it’s within my Points.

I’ve not been treating my body as good as I could, and it’s showing in how I feel physically and emotionally.

So I need to rekindle that love I felt back in April 2004 … when it was so new, fresh, and exciting. When every week yeilded a loss. Looser clothing each month. A new bounce in my step.

Back to clean eating today!

How about you? How do you get back that loving feeling for weight loss, and how long does it take? Or does “getting it back” lead you further down a destructive disordered eating path?

11 thoughts on “Love for Food > Love of Loss

  1. I wish I could tell you, but unfortunately, I am fighting the same battle. I was 1.8 lbs above goal at yesterday’s weigh-in, which is just below my “red light” weight.

  2. I’ve been on a “I wish I could lose these friggin’ five pounds plan” for a year now and it’s NOT working. After having lost lots o’ weight twice now, it’s incredibly frustrating to have gained this random weight and not be able to get rid of it. I’m trying to find peace with this weight…maybe it’s my happy weight. I don’t really like to see the number but I’m learning to deal. I’d rather feel better about how I look than the number but boy, that number sure can bring me anxiety. I honestly think when I’m worried about weight loss and counting that I get too obsessive. I blame WW for that. πŸ™‚

  3. I wonder if you could share with me your strategies when you feel like chewing/spitting. I am really trying to overcome this habit, and thought maybe you had some insight, as I am struggling a bit.

  4. I’ve been stuck nearly 50 lbs from my goal (after losing 50 lbs) for the last almost 2 years. Up and down, up and down… I love the feeling of having a loss at my WW meeting, but then I use a loss as an excuse to eat more. So I guess “I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling” when it comes to weight loss…

  5. 1.8 lbs. wouldn’t have me in knots the way this 7-10 does!! But I do know what you mean, Susan.

    Staci, I guarantee it’s muscle. You’re seriously skinny — and fit!
    I hope you come to terms with this being your happy weight because you look amazing. Sometimes I think staying OFF the scale is a good idea … esp. if it leads to anxiety. I don’t even weigh-in anymore the couple days before my period until it’s over. Why agonize over it!? I ALWAYS “gain” then.

    Erin, I really have to try to convince myself that if I am going to put it in my mouth, I need to swallow it. When I saw how many pts I was consuming it just wasn’t worth it — esp. b/c I was counting pts for spits, too. (guessing 10% of the calories still get ingested). So it’s my sixth day now and I feel great. But I had been doing this for well over a year on and off … so I’m not saying I’m “cured” — what ir requires is foresight — not to buy the triggers and if I buy them, to not waste them.

    Lila, thanks for sharing! That article was awesome and I might include a post about it!

    Hi Mara, look at how far you’ve come!! You can do it!

  6. I’ve been struggling with the same exact issues for a few months now. I was in this “holding pattern,” trying to see if my body can find it’s healthy weight, but in the process got a little lazy and gained about 5 lbs. It’s so frustrating, but I think once we’re in a healthy range, we go a little easy on ourselves and are more forgiving when we binge or eat more than we’re supposed to. Not that forgiveness isn’t good, just that we may eat more of things that we didn’t before because we were either trying to lose or adamant about maintaining.

    I joined WW at work last week. WW has been the only thing that works for me and keeps me accountable. With that being said, I have yet to journal or count points. I guess I’m hoping to find a way to do this half-assed, although I know that’s not realistic. Nothing worth having is easy to obtain!

  7. Same here πŸ™‚
    When i was overweight, i was really motivated. I was sticking to my plan carefully, no exception.

    Right now, because i feel im at a good weight, i dont feel the need to stick to my diet. Recently, i feel more like eating what i want, when i want, have some pleasure with food and just maintain my weight, which is pretty fine.

    Im still excited when i lose weight, but im lazy. I used to exercise everyday and get crazy if i didnt. Now, i can skip 2-3 days without feeling guilty… Maybe its for the best you know. Maybe we’re tired of fighting with ourselves.

  8. Hi Kristen! It’s totally frustrating and I also think once you’re in a healthy range it’s easy to be less hard on ourselves — but I’m in danger of (technically weight-wise) not being in a healthy range, even though otherwise I am. Good luck with WW at work!! It is the only thing I’ve tried and the only thing I swear by. Even though it can be tough when our minds get wrapped up in Points. It’s a matter of making them count.

    Hi Nikita! Sounds like you’re in a very good place — congrats! Esp. since you’re maintaining!

    “Maybe we’re tired of fighting with ourselves.” — I LOVE THIS! This could be tomorrow’s title …!

  9. Thanks πŸ™‚ lol
    I think the best advice would be… You know, we always want to lose weight right now, in one week. Maybe we did it before, but at which cost ?
    Take one day after another… you lost some weight this week ? great. You didnt ? Too bad, next week will be a better one.
    I dont know why we feel to lose weight perfectly, at the same rate we used to lose. A lot of factors can stop weight loss and influence our hunger, so why do we stress about it when we dont even have control on it ?
    The end of the world is not tomorrow, there is no deadline to lose the weight. Of course, eveyrone want it to be fast and short, but its not always like this…

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