Hiding Behind a Prettier Face in China

Associated Press
Image credit: Associated Press
We’ve learned that in its quest to showcase virtual perfection, two key components of the Olympics’ opening ceremonies in Beijing last week were staged.

First, the fireworks were digitally enhanced. And now we’ve learned that the little girl singing … well, she was lip-synching to another girl’s voice so the government could showcase a “cuter” face.


I’m not here to talk about China’s politics or the way their government treats its people; I’ll save my political opines for another time.

But when the government goes so far as to “hide” a little girl with an amazing voice, in favor of one who is more physically “perfect,” well, what does that say for little girls everywhere? What does that do to their self-esteem?

Picture this: “Sure sweetie, you can be a Broadway star, but if you’re not pretty enough, someone else will sing your role?!”

Or this: “Of course, honey, go write a novel! But just know that someone else with a smaller butt will be out there to do the book tour!”

It’s absurd.

The little girl who sang but wasn’t seen … such a shame.

And the poor little girl who thought she was singing in this ginormous global event … I feel for her, too. She was forced into a lie at the tender age of 9; she’ll always know that it wasn’t, indeed, her voice.

A few weeks ago I talked about the beautiful Olympic bodies that we’re seeing now on TV day in and day out–my admiration for their tenacity and determination to go for the gold.

I imagine many of them, who radiate strong body images and high self-esteem, would be appalled to know what has just come about in the news cycle.

I’m pretty disgusted myself.

It doesn’t make sense seek perfection at all costs, to the point where you lose your integrity, your dignity.

In this example here, the Chinese government has, in my mind, done both. And in the process, it has potentially scarred two little girls for life.

How about you? Do you think what the Chinese government did was wrong?


3 thoughts on “Hiding Behind a Prettier Face in China

  1. It’s all too political.

    To be honest, it makes me sick, there is a lot about China that i disagree with, and this just confirms everything that i already thought.

    China has just got themselves another teenager with possible mental health/low self esteem issues because she didn’t look right. What message is that sending out to the WORLD?

  2. I heard about this…absolutely awful. It would be wrong in any circumstances, but it’s especially wrong when a government is behind it! Didn’t China realize that other countries DO actually allow investigative journalism and that this story would get out? I feel like whoever made the decision to have the Olympics in China, despite all the problems they have had, made a really poor choice. From pollution to human rights to this – which really is related to human rights or at least human decency – they don’t seem to have made enough progress to be honored with the Olympic Games.

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