Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone
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For a control-freak, I have a challenging (but exciting) week coming up.

Monday through Wednesday, I’ll be “out of my comfort zone,” at AdTech in Chicago.

This means meals out, conference lunches I am stuck making do with, and a change-up of my exercise routine (likely running outside vs. the gym).

Then on Friday, my parents arrive from New Jersey for a much-anticipated (and much-needed weekend visit).

Two things we do best as a family are eat and gab, and we’ll be doing plenty of both. Though we’ll be grilling one of the days, there will be some meals out, and I will likely take Saturday completely off from exercise.

In the past, I’d look at these fun upcoming events with a mix of anxiety of the unknown and hope that I’d “do well.”

But this time, I just feel at ease, stronger and more confident. I know I’ll be fine. Because this is life, and there are work conferences and vacations to enjoy.

More than that though, I am in a much better place than I was even five or six weeks ago mentally, physically and emotionally, and I owe a lot of that to you–my encouraging readers, and the positive steps I’ve taken the past couple of weeks since I began blogging.

Today, I thought I’d share some of my tried-and-true strategies that have helped keep me sane when I’m outside my comfort zone.

Being prepared makes me feel ready to tackle anything, and having a good breakfast is the best way to start my day (especially after a good run). So I always travel with Fuji apples and FiberOne bars; with a glass of skim milk it makes a balanced on-the-go meal.

Of course I’ll bring my running shoes; jogging along Lake Michigan at sunrise is my favorite thing to do in Chicago (besides shopping!).

And when dining out–with colleagues or my family this weekend–I’ll just do what I always do: journal and make good, healthy choices. I’m aiming to be more flexible and less uptight; a glass of wine with dinner, enjoying a shared dessert, not feeling guilty if I sleep in.

It’s really not that complicated … and it’s my nature to make things more complicated than they are.

It’s high time for a little less drama, and I’m really looking forward to a change of pace for the week as I step outside of my comfort zone.

How about you? What are your top strategies for success when traveling for work or leisure?

P.S.–I will try to post from my hotel, but in case I can’t, I’ll be back Thursday with a new post!!

4 thoughts on “Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. Have a great time in Chi-town but beware, those ad people will drink until they can drink no more! 😉

    When I’m out and about, I, like you, enjoy getting outside and getting some exercise. It’s always a great way to see some sights and feel great.

    I also will plan my daily meals. If I know that dinner will be out and likely large, I’ll eat a good breakfast and a smaller lunch.

    And then, I just try to have fun and enjoy because in reality, it’s just a brief moment in time!

  2. I only can say it’s the same problem I’ve got every time I have to go out my comfort zone, I feel exactly the same. And I have to admit, it has been very difficult for me every time I had to pass this unvisible border and go over to the not controlled world outside my routines. But all I can say now is that every time I get myself to go there, drop my routine, let new experiences come, I feel more and more strong and every next situation is easier to manage for me, so I know that in the future I won’t fell anxiety and discomfort in all such situations, because they will be fun!

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