Weekend Recap

Well, I made a promise on Friday not to journal this weekend, to give it one week.

So far, two days down, and I’m two for two.

In my head, I still knew what I was eating more or less. But I only counted points for non-Core foods, per the Weight Watchers Core plan I follow.

It was a pleasant change to not be journaling every bite on Sparkpeople, or worrying about updating my spreadsheet.

I ate to satisfaction, and didn’t obsess over my food choices. Though I had no dining-out challenges this weekend, my husband and I grilled, which was fun.

I enjoyed some treats and otherwise ate healthily, without devoting more time than necessary to my weight, food, or the blog (which will be updated M-Fr).

I still worked out all three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but nothing excessive–just my usual cardio and weights and I stopped when I was tired, didn’t push myself too hard. I’ll be taking Monday off and just biking with a friend for moderate exercise.

All in all, it was a good weekend and I think I’m off to a good start. I don’t intend to update my blog every week with how I did over the weekend, but I did want to acknowledge the progress I think I’m already making.

Til tomorrow…

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