“You’re Addicted to Exercise!”

This is what my dear husband told me last night when, after my biking plans with a friend were thwarted half-way through our ride due to trail construction, I was still desperate to get in my workout.

I just wanted to go to the gym and “get it over with” … torch 400 calories or so and move on (which I realize sounds obsessive) … but he wanted us to take a nice walk together to prep for his business school interview today.

At first I was plagued with anxiety… I need to exercise every day, don’t I? Then I realized quality time with my husband–especially the night before such a big interview–definitely trumps a cardio session. And it’s not like I won’t hit the gym the very next day.

We had a lovely walk and then came back, and since it was still light out, we mowed the lawn. So in the end I got in a good workout, changed up my routine, and got to spend time with the one I love.

I guess it’s been drilled into my head over the past four years that unless I am running outside or sweating at the gym, I’m not meeting my exercise quota of the day. But the truth is, for many Americans, a brisk 15-20 min. walk is their daily exercise, and if I am working out hard the other 6 days of the week, why not have a designated “different” day?

And I’d like to note, “No Choice” worked well for me last night. I didn’t have a midnight incident, and also didn’t eat anything I didn’t need. I consider that a tremendous victory!

Maybe it was because, after an internal battle, I simply allowed myself to just “be”?? Hmmm…

How about you? What is your usual exercise routine? If your plan changes due to outside factors, do you feel guilty … or do you welcome the impromptu change?

5 thoughts on ““You’re Addicted to Exercise!”

  1. I, too, get anxiety when my master plan for a time period gets changed at the drop of a hat. I give you major “kudos” for just rolling with it and letting it flow into a really nice (and productive!) evening! Good job!

  2. Thanks, Lisa–it’s good to know I’m not alone! “Letting it flow” doesn’t come easily, and it’s something I’ll keep striving for.

  3. Everyday! Running, untill I got a stress fracture in my hip… Now I mix it up with cycyling, walking, resistance. My goodness am I inflexible when it comes to when and how! My anxiety levels go through the roof!

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