Quoted in CNN Article: Paid Parental Leave Elusive After 25 Years

Blogging has led to many interesting opportunities. Here’s the latest!

I connected with a reporter doing a story on the lack of paid parental leave and how it impacts mothers when they return to work. She had posted in my Kveller moms group on Facebook, I shared my story and before I knew it we were chatting on the phone. It turns out we have a friend in common — gotta love Jewish geography — and I was more than happy to help bolster her argument that we absolutely NEED paid parental leave in this country. It’s insane to me that we don’t. Today is the 25th anniversary of FMLA and while it preserves a mother’s job for up to 12 weeks … it doesn’t give her pay. And it certainly doesn’t allow her to ease back into working.

Here’s the article, Paid Parental Leave Elusive After 25 Years

(It’s worth noting that I had my babies before we got bought out by my employer, VML — and VML does have paid leave. I wish to God we had had paid leave back then … it was a strain on us in so many ways and especially on me as a mom who felt like I was failing everywhere).



Musings on Being an Interfaith Family in December

Oh the weather outside is frightful …
And the fire is so delightful …

Oh I’d give anything to just curl up in jammies with cocoa, a good book, and nowhere to go / nothing to do. Honestly, that’s my holiday dream. But it’s never my reality — and it may not be yours, either. To have that dream would mean saying no to other things we love to do this time of year — and I’m not willing to do that. Instead, I’ll snag whatever down time I can get. Continue reading “Musings on Being an Interfaith Family in December”

Work Gave Me a Sabbatical …

Check out my post over at Kveller.com that talked about my sabbatical. It was culled down quite a bit by editors (as is publishing life!) and doesn’t mention any more the volunteering I did or how it was tied to the sabbatical but I’m still grateful for the time I had and even happier that I can share it with a broader audience!

Work Gave Me a Sabbatical and It Was the Best Thing Ever

Does your company offer a sabbatical? If so, what would you do?


The “Power” of a Photo

I was feeling all kinds of awesome today … until the official 15K race photos came out this evening.


To be honest, I’m struggling with my mixed reaction to the images.

I want to love them and be proud of them because I know what an achievement it is to run a race you’ve never run before, and to finish it with 100% gusto. I know I ought to feel nothing but pride. But I’m always honest here, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I am struggling with my visceral reaction to the pics.

Especially this one.

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I Ran For Chocolate


This weekend was the big 15K race I signed up for with one of my best friends this summer, the Hot Chocolate 15K in Columbus. When she asked me to do this race back in June, we had just completed a 5K race, and I couldn’t run more than 3 miles at a time. Naturally, I told her no. I can’t run 10 miles! Are you nuts?!

But then I called back an hour later after some more thought. Why not?! Why can’t I at the very least try?!
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I Really Ran a Relay! I Did, I Did!

This weekend, I ran Leg 3 (6.9 miles — though the leg was supposed to be 6.7?) of the Detroit Free Press Marathon. I did the marathon relay with my good friend Greathen and three of her fellow teacher friends, one of whom happens to be Maya’s first grade teacher!

For those unfamiliar, this marathon is especially cool and unique because it’s an international one: Leg 1 goes over the bridge into Windsor, Canada, and Leg 2 runs through the tunnel back into the U.S. The race itself is super-organized, and I loved the long-sleeved New Balance (VML client!) tech shirts we got. They were the perfect throw-on after the race.

And though Saturday had been the worst rain storm I’d ever seen, by Sunday morning blue skies were breaking through the clouds. It was HOT for mid-October, and the humidity was insane. The temp probably was 70 but it felt like 90 and I immediately regretted our team T-shirts (cute as they were!). I wanted to take off my shirt to reveal my tank underneath, but my bib was pinned to my shirt and I did not want to waste any time undressing after I got going. More on that later.

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