this is four

Four is big hugs and big tears. It’s fighting a nap and then crashing before dinner … or taking a 3-hour snooze. It’s long, complicated stories and endless imagination. It’s enormous words and then baby talk.  It’s singing and dancing and begging for attention … and then slamming her bedroom door for “pwivacy!”

It’s the recognition of signs, directions, relationships. It’s opinions about  everything and anything.

It’s the shirk away for independence counterbalanced by the desire to be my little girl … snuggles, cuddles, I love yous.

It’s being big sister with big feelings, and being little still.  [Ever so little]. Continue Reading »

the best laid plans …

I’m someone who believes in list-making, goal-setting, and tracking progress. I promised I would get  my act together  … write regularly, take care of my body … and I’ve failed miserably. We hadn’t even flipped  the calendar to February, and already I  was in apologetic mode (I began writing this post then). Well,  nearly another month passed and this post sat in my “Drafts” folder.

Readers, I’ve failed you enormously. I haven’t written a single post in seven weeks (not that I’ve been keeping track or anything!).

I’ve been inspired plenty  … but I just haven’t carved out the time. Continue Reading »

That One Thing

There are 365 days in a year, and today is only Day Seven–the sweet anticipation of being on the precipice of something exciting. Of a new year, a new month, a blank slate, a fresh start. A tabula rosa. 358 days to make something really awesome happen.

In many ways,  I feel like I’ve been very blessed in life and have accomplished many of my goals (both personally and professionally) — but there’s one thing I haven’t achieved that I’ve had my heart set on: getting a book deal.

For the past, oh, six years now, I’ve been saying my goal is to be a legit, published author with a book deal and an  agent — the real deal.

And I keep thinking about it … But that’s where my struggle lies.  Continue Reading »


I’ve never — in my 12-year career — taken two full weeks off work.

[Maternity leave absolutely does not count — that is the furthest thing from a “break!”]

Well, tomorrow is my first day back at work since December 19 … I’ve  had 15 glorious days off work, away from the office, away from the monotony that is the working world. Continue Reading »

Circadian Rhythms

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a wonderful time last night and look forward to posting regularly here at least three times a week … starting … now!

When I lived in El Salvador, I had the world’s best work schedule.

I had just finished grad school at my alma mater (American University) and I didn’t have a job lined up. Luis and I had been dating long-distance international for over a year and wanted to experience living together for a bit, so I moved to El Salvador for eight months and taught English at a private language academy where I made $3/hour and was worked to.the.core.

That said, the schedule — while grueling — was the best because it gave me a ton of freedom and let me capitalize on my own energy levels … something I find myself longing for a lot these days. Continue Reading »


1489231_10152452774492361_5051443392990440074_nBefore becoming a mom, I used to laugh when “they” — you know, People With Kids (“PWK”) — would say time just flies so much faster with kids. I mean … we all get the same 24 hours in a day!! How could their 24 hours fly by any quicker than my own?!

I heard them (my mom, family, friends, colleagues — wise women who came before me) … it just didn’t resonate.

Then I became a mom, and I’ve come to see that they were spot on right: my 24 hours are not the same BK (Before Kids) and AK (After Kids).

And they are totally flying by. Continue Reading »


Though I had initially hoped for a bit of a smaller age gap between Maya and Ben, in actuality, I couldn’t have asked for a better spacing between our two kids. Example one (of like fifteen): by the time Ben came along, Maya was just shy of three and daytime potty-trained — so we only had one in diapers (a huge cost-savings). And now I’m once again seeing how good this age gap is as one is learning to talk … and the other is learning to read. Both are tremendous and exciting milestones in their own right — and I’m loving bearing witness to both simultaneously. Further, I’m  loving watching Maya watch Ben learn. She is so encouraging towards him and it’s my hope she stays that way.

Continue Reading »


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