Precious Jewels

Motherhood can be messy. Frightening. Demoralizing. Stressful. Challenging. Complicated.

Sometimes you wonder (or maybe it’s just me?), how can you love someone soooo much and yet at the same time, find yourself screaming like a totally irrational tot at her (the actual tot) … only to cry after she’s asleep because you realize that showing your true colors to a 3-year-old is as useless as wearing snow pants in July and really, at the heart of it, you were just PMSing and “fwus-ta-wated” [frustrated in toddler-speak] at the pile of dishes in the sink from the night before that neither of you could get to, the work project still on hold for the third day in a row with the unmoving deadline, the jeans that aren’t fitting as well as you’d like (because you’ve been avoiding the gym like the plague) … and she just happened to push your buttons on a day when you were already late for a morning meeting.

You snapped. And it isn’t right … but it happens.

Yea. Sometimes motherhood is really, really hard. Continue Reading »

Maya had never, ever, ever been dry at night. She’s been dry at naps for well over a year (since about 2 1/2), but never once at night.

So when I told Luis it was time for her to get night-time potty-trained this summer, he thought I was nuts. “She isn’t ready,” he protested. “She’s never even been dry!”

“I know,” I said, evenly. “But she has to learn. She’s 3 1/2. It’s time.” I shocked myself at how sure I was that this methodology I’d heard of from a friend was going to work. I just knew it in my bones. Call it “mommy intuition,” I just knew.

I also knew we would surely have many nights of wet sheets and jammies ahead … but I had faith in my kiddo.

And I was right on both accounts: she would have accidents, and she would “get it” quickly. Continue Reading »

a tiny conscience

Today I worked from home with a sick Ben, so Luis picked Maya up at school.

She came running in the living room happy to see me. Then suddenly her eyes darkened and it looked like tears were about to form. “Mommy, I was on Green today at school,” she said quietly, burrowing her face into my shoulder. “I wasn’t listening.” Continue Reading »

Putting a story to bed

Having long been a Pink fan (I’ve blogged about her often), I was happy to see her latest [adorable] Ellen interview, where the uber-talented singer admits her 3 1/2 year old daughter Willow has a bit of a potty-mouth on her. As the mom to a daughter the same age, I had to laugh hearing her reaction to the tiny tot’s F-bomb and watched the video twice.

After my under-the-weather husband crashed at 9:30 last night (seriously!) I found myself randomly Googling her recent videos and articles, fascinated that we are the exact same age and while her accomplishments are beyond anything I could ever dream of, she also sounds like a pretty normal woman, wife and mother. Continue Reading »

I’ve heard that expression about five times in the past five days — usually after dinner, right before bed. The first time it happened, I was caught off guard (this isn’t something Maya has ever said before, especially after a meal) — so I just offered her a banana and we went about our teeth-brushing/book-reading evening routine.

The next time it happened, I checked her daily report card from school, to see if maybe she hadn’t eaten well at school. (Though she’s always been a slooooooow eater, she’s always been a good eater, in that she’ll eat anything … just not necessarily very much). But sure enough, she’d eaten 100% of each meal and snack. And all her dinner plus dessert (which happened to be leftover ice cream cake from Ben’s birthday last week). And milk.

So I offered her one of two choices: a pre-bed cheese stick or pre-bed yogurt. She opted for the cheese stick, and that was that.

But the next morning, she told me her belly was “so so so hungry.” This could only mean one thing: growth spurt. And it’s about hot damn time. Continue Reading »

changing tide?

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

I’ve become obsessed with the Lou & Grey line at the Loft lately — comfortable, cozy, textured pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down — which is perfect for me. First, I work in a cool-but-cas environment (digital ad agency), so I can get away with jeans and heels and a cute, comfy tank and cardigan. And since I’m a mom, I look for ease and comfort when it comes to dressing on the weekends. While I still love (and live in) my beloved Lululemon gear, I’ve wanted to branch out a little — yoga pants don’t make me feel like a 35-year old woman lately.

Enter Lou & Grey: “clothing for a comfortably confident life.” Continue Reading »

photoSomehow this handsome, constantly-grinning and squawking guy is almost one.

He has two teeth. Is cruising. Is pulling to a stand. Is talking up a storm. Is crawling all over tarnations, dragging his little peg leg behind him. Is wreaking havoc on his sister’s toys/clothes/books/self. Is a delight [nearly] 24/7. Continue Reading »


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