I’m a big believer in the whole #wycwyc movement: “what you can, when you can.” It beautifully applies to anything in life — the notion that little bits DO add up to big things. And now, it’s being turned into a book!!! (Way to go, Carla and Roni!).

But it hit me last night that lately I’ve been royally sucking at #wycwyc … and, when it comes to food … I’ve been acting like an impulsive toddler. I’ve been doing a lot of “what I want, when I want it.” (which I’ll be dubbing #wiwwiwi).

The truth is, I’ve had zero self-control since we got back from California which, clear-as-day, explains why I can’t ditch the vacation weight from a couple weeks ago. I’ve been doing a lot more of #wiwwiwi than #wycwyc.

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If you haven’t already seen this recent Always spot that has gone viral, please take a look. Another summary here.

It’s epic. Truly, truly epic. Personally, I think this does far more for women than Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. This has nothing to do with physical beauty and everything to do with how we perceive ourselves early on … and how society basically screws us up  by the time we hit puberty.

I want my daughter to see this. I want her friends to see it. To know it. To love it. To believe it. (When she’s older than 3, of course!).

Well done, Always. Well done.

I had been all prepared to do a post today about a great article I read today about why many moms today are choosing to stay home, but sometimes life happens and it’s fare more poignant than dissecting what someone else has written about. (For the record, it was a great piece and something I’ve definitely thought about).

But back to today’s  post.

When I began blogging in 2008, I shared one of my earliest memories of true anxiety: nearly missing the bus when I was 7 years old and the trauma that ensued. To this day, I’m an anxious traveler and have to mentally calm myself before every trip — big or small.

Fortunately (or not, for him ;)) I married someone who is as easy-going as I am high-strung, so we (sometimes) balance each other out and keep each other in check with respect to travel. He’s learned to get to the airport a little earlier than he’d like to allay my fears, for example, and I’ve learned to be OK with not getting to the airport for a domestic flight three hours early “just in case.”

Among my biggest fears as a parent has been passing along my anxious ways to my children. I try not to think about it too much — so as not to somehow transpose it to them– but it crosses my mind a lot when I’m having an internal battle of some kind.

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Anyone who has ever struggled with body image (and who hasn’t?!) knows that the beach is one of the most challenging places to visit on earth. It’s a judgement zone on steroids (or at least, that’s how it feels) and everyone is next to naked … which makes me horribly squeamish.

Even when I was my thinnest (circa 2004-2005), I only liked laying down or walking around with a sarong at the beach/pool. Rationally, I knew that I had a [mostly] flat belly (a gift even when I wasn’t thin) … but I had dimpled thighs, a big bottom and curvy hips — all “flaws. “

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good people …

There is so much angst and ire in the world but there are also some amazing, honest souls out there.

Two weeks ago, I lost my wallet somewhere between lunch and my office … a one-block radius. I was paranoid, as I was leaving for vacation in five days. After freaking out and retracing my steps, going back to the parking lot where I’d parked my car (I wasn’t being lazy–it was supposed to rain and a friend was lending me some pool toys), calling the restaurant, scouring my office and parking lot, I hysterically canceled all my bank and credit cards and spent my Flexible Friday afternoon at the DMV getting a new license–but they only could give me a temporary one, which doesn’t have a photo ID. And I needed to board a plane in four days. Fortunately I have a passport so I had a valid photo ID for security, but still … anyone who has lost their wallet knows what a PITA it is to sort it all out. Continue Reading »

fading memories

I breathe in his freshly-shampooed hair, twirling the fine baby-soft strands of blonde sweetness around my finger. Ben has been asleep in my arms for close to 20 minutes now, but I’ve selfishly (?) stayed upstairs in the nursery rocking him, snuggling him close and savoring the night-time quiet — his even breathing and the pitter-patter of his heart-beat while Luis prepares Maya for bed.

He’s limp in my arms, in such a deep sleep he’s easily placed into his crib and I do the “hand slip” out from under him. He moans a little, lets out a sigh as he drifts into dreamland. I touch his back, rubbing it ever-so-softly, making shushing sounds, while his legs curl under him.

And, as I did a million times with Baby Maya, I stop and pause to reflect on this.exact.moment. Continue Reading »

desperate for r&r

Ever feel like you need a vacation so bad you can taste it? Yea, that’s me right now.

Maternity leave — while a wonderful 11 weeks — was no picnic and certainly no vacation. And while I’ve had a day or half-day off here and there over the past six months since returning to work, I’ve yet to disconnect and truly be “off.” Like off work, off social obligations, off anything.

Which brings me to next week. Continue Reading »


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