two is a **hoot**


I honestly didn’t get what all the fuss was about “the terrible twos” when Maya turned two.

I’d laugh when friends and family would warn me with the knowing smile, “You just wait …”

Not because I thought our kid was so great (I mean, don’t we all think that?!), but because two came and we were left looking at each other wondering, “What’s the big deal!? She’s not a terror!”
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I’m a Jersey girl, born and bred. And to me, New York will always be “the city.”

But after nearly a decade of living here in the Midwest …  and after many many many trips along I-94 W (both personal and professional), I’ve started to develop a real love for Chicago.

Sometimes feel like I’m “cheating” on my East Coast roots.

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Reframing  was one of the most important techniques/coping mechanisms I learned in my year  of cognitive behavioral therapy in 2008.

Reframing means exactly what it sounds like: changing the meaning or context of something so that  it can be seen differently, with the aim of creating a shift in feelings, perceptions or behavior (Source for the clinical definition).

While my therapist was the one to reframe things for me eight years ago (to make me see things differently), I now realize I have the power to reframe things on my own; we all do. We can all take a situation and see it differently. It’s just that often we are blinded by our emotions and lose sight of the big picture. Continue Reading »

Because my blog is a bit all over the place these days and because this is where I’m capturing special moments in my life, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a really big milestone that took place  over Thanksgiving: my parents gave  Maya her first American Girl doll for her birthday and we took her to the American Girl store and cafe in Chicago for an  absolutely … unforgettable day.

Oh yes. Unforgettable in every way …

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it’s all cumulative

Today’s musings … because the kids are asleep and Luis is playing racquetball leaving me alone to watch this debate play out .. (I won’t get all political here but let me just say, I watch for the drama. So I’ll be over here, either feeling the Bern or shouting I’m with Her. :) — with popcorn in hand.

So I am feeling much better today than I did yesterday.

First, after  reading my post yesterday, one of my dear friends with whom I have always shared weight-related challenges with wrote me and reminded me to keep in mind that — although the scale may not be showing me any results — nourishing myself well, working out regularly, and making small changes really will pay dividends later. Even if right now it feels hopeless. As she said, it’s all cumulative.

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when facts fail

Fact: I joined WW (again) three weeks ago today.

Fact: I wear a FitBit Charge HR every day (except when charging every so often) and it tells me exactly how many steps I am taking, how many calories I am burning, how long I am sleeping, etc. It’s all data from me and me alone. My data. I know on an active day (i.e., more than 10,000 steps and/or days where I’ve worked out) — I usually burn 2200-2500 calories. On an inactive day, I burn 1900-2000. Continue Reading »

So today Maya had her 5-year physical and check-up. She did great — but I was shocked when our pediatrician — who  I adore and respect –showed us her growth curve chart and told us we need to watch her weight.

Had I been drinking something, I assure you I would have spit it out all over him.

Now let me tell you something about my daughter. Maya is tiny. Not just short, but petite. Small. Thin (not skinny–just thin; normal!).

She’s mother-effing PERFECT. Continue Reading »


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